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Product Showcase

August 1, 2009
by root
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Völkner Turning System

James Consolidated, Inc., manufactures patented low air loss mattresses and overlays for the treatment and prevention of pressure sores. Rated “Superior” in effectiveness nation- and worldwide in Acute, Long-Term, and Home Care settings. The company offers quality support surfaces made in the USA, cost effective, durable, lightweight, and portable.

James Consolidated, Inc.

(925) 691-5117; toll free (800) 884-3317

Do You Need A Better Way To Manage Time, Attendance & Access Control?

More than 13,000 locations use our Biometric Technology every day to:

  • Eliminate Timecards

  • Stop “Buddy Punching”

  • Track Attendance

  • Track Specific Jobs

  • Control Access

  • Save Money

Count Me In LLC

(888) 4-TIMECLOCK (888-484-6325)

Beyond This Day

Beyond This Day is a keepsake gift for families of residents who have passed away. It includes a memorial book that comforts the family; a personalized inscription recognizing your facility; and a keepsake compartment for photographs, cards, and other personal items. It's less expensive than flowers and other short-term gestures.

Visit us at AAHSA Booth #349

Beyond This Day


MedCenter 31-Day Pill Organizer and Talking Alarm

The MedCenter System organizes your medications into color-coded pill boxes, each with four daily compartments. The Talking Alarm Clock alerts you up to four times a day with a repeating reminder. Organize your pills a month at a time and give yourself or a loved one peace of mind.

MedCenter Systems, LLC

(866) 600-3244

Risk Management Event Reporter

RME Reporter® is a comprehensive Web-based risk management tool for reporting, tracking, cross-referencing, analyzing, and managing incidents, complaints, and record requests. Events involving visitors, staff, and residents are tracked, combined, and analyzed to identify trends and proactive risk management programs. Stores important documents electronically. Complete reporting capability.

Visit us at AAHSA Booth #1166

PointRight Inc.

(781) 457-5900

Maximum Strength Odor Eliminating Spray

Hospital formula Sani-Zone Maximum Strength Odor Eliminating Spray stands up to offensive odors with just a spray or two. Lasts for hours. The mild, clean fragrance targets odors particularly associated with decaying organic matter, urine, feces, and garbage. Also great for cars, cat boxes, or anywhere there are unpleasant odors. The 2-oz bottles slip into pockets, purses, or glove boxes for easy and discrete use. Sani-Zone also comes in economical 8-oz spray bottles.

Anacapa Technologies, Inc.

(800) 489-2591

Epicor Senior Living Solution (SLS)

Epicor's Senior Living Solution (SLS) has been specifically designed for operators of Independent Living, Assisted Living, Long-Term Care, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Epicor SLS provides the functionality for managing the marketing, administrative, resident management, and financial aspects of senior care and living organizations in an integrated software system. Over 70 organizations, with more than 50,000 residents, currently manage their residents, operations, and finances with Epicor's Senior Living software.

Visit us at AAHSA Booth #206

Epicor Software


Attendant Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The new Attendant Fingertip Pulse Oximeter features six display options to meet your needs. Its compact, lightweight design makes on-the-go spot checking easy. Shuts off after 8 seconds to preserve battery. Provides accurate SpO2 and pulse rate readings, and includes 3-year warranty. Call us or visit our Web site for details.

Visit us at AAHSA Booth #1207

Direct Supply

(800) 634-7328