Apple iOS offers new clinical data sharing platform

With Apple's iOS making headway in the mHealth market, software developers now have a new platform on which to build apps.

Redwood City, Calif.-based CareConnectors recently announced the availability of new tools and services to provide developers with a secure data sharing platform called PatientGraph.

Specifically designed for iOS8—the operating system Apple uses for its new HealthKit—PatientGraph offers the ability to transport, share and exchange medical data in a secure and HIPAA-compliant environment.

In addition, mHealth apps developed using this platform can be integrated with the leading electronic health records through a single interface.

"Instead of app developers trying to integrate with over 1,000 different EMRs with varying implementations of each EMR at different healthcare providers, we are providing a unified data exchange interface that lets developers focus on their products instead of becoming EMR integrators," said Sanjay Patil, founder and CEO of CareConnectors,in a press release. "By facilitating communication between the ecosystem of mobile apps with enterprise EMRs, we help healthcare systems and their providers to leverage their EMR investment to improve outcomes and reduce costs in managing chronic disease and wellness programs."


Topics: Technology & IT