Alliance will help NCOA assist at-risk seniors

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) has announced a multi-year alliance with Los Angeles-based DPS Health aimed at combating early-stage chronic conditions in seniors. A major focus will be on those in the "emergent-risk" category, who often progress to the "high risk/high cost" level. 

Under terms of the agreement, DPS Health will use its web and mobile self-management and its behavior modification expertise to manage the operational and technical services of NCOA's digital self-management support programs.

"NCOA’s partnership with DPS Health is an important step toward positively impacting the health of older Americans, particularly those with chronic disease, before they become high-cost healthcare consumers," said Jay Greenberg, ScD, president of NCOA Services LLC, in a press release.

Adam Kaufman, PhD, DPS Health's CEO, added: "We are proud and excited that a long-standing and reputable organization such as NCOA trusts the operational capabilities and flexible technology platform of DPS Health. Aligning the interests of DPS Health and NCOA will create a powerful and effective force for transforming healthcare for millions of Americans, helping them to maintain their quality of life as they grow older."


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