2005 Author Index

Alden, Andrew Lee (Design Center). A Sanctuary of Comfort and Dignity (AngelsGrace Hospice), 41 (Jun)

Ardern, William B. Avoid Overpaying Nursing Home Property Taxes, 24 (Jul)

Asen, Leo. See, Higgins, Helen.

Baer, Ari. Consider Group Self-Insured Workers’ Comp, 22 (Jul)

Barnard, David. Horseplay Encouraged, 44 (Mar)

Bast, Kenneth G. (Guest Editorial). “First, Do No Harm…,” 8 (Nov)

Batis, Effie. See, Tenebaum, Morris.

Beggs, Mark (interview). Quality Close-Up: Stories From Three Administrators, 22 (May)

Blackburn, David (interview). Vendors Sound Off On e-Prescribing, 34 (Jan)

Brady, Angela; Martin, Anya (Assisted Living Review). Assisted Living Providers Look to Diversification for New Revenue Streams, 52 (Jan)

Brady, Angela. See, Martin, Anya.

Bunch, Joanne. On the Uses of Bed Alarms, 50 (Jun)

Calkins, Margaret P. Designing Bathing Rooms That Comfort, 54 (Jan)

Carroll, Robin Angell. Applying Design and Color to Healing, 48 (Feb)

Cateau, Deke. Act as Though Your Customer Is Right, 44 (May)

Cerquone, Joseph. Plan Now to Be in Providence, 36 (Feb)

Clark, Thomas R. Medicare Part D: Clear as a Physician’s Signature?, 34 (Apr)

Coelho, Rohan (interview). Vendors Sound Off On e-Prescribing, 34 (Jan)

Cobb, Sally (Not-For-Profit Report). A Lovely Bouquet Goes a Long Way, 55 (Oct)

Cordes, Ian L. (Guest Editorial). Terri Schiavo’s Legacy, 8 (Oct)

Curfman, Sue. Managing Dysphagia in Residents With Dementia, 18 (Aug)

Daub, Hal (interview). Building Clout on Capitol Hill, 62 (Sep)

Davis, Jeffrey A. Consider This HUD Refinancing Opportunity, 76 (Sep)

DeLaHunt, Beth. Portable Documentation Comes to Resident Care, 44 (Sep)

Dillon, Colleen. Critical Cleaning in LTC Settings, 66 (Mar)

Dorner, Becky. Nutrition for the Dementia Resident, 29 (May)

Dumonceaux, Michelle D. Managing Diabetes Awareness in Long-Term Care, 73 (Sep)

Duty, Gary (interview). Vendors Sound Off On e-Prescribing, 34 (Jan)

Edwards, Douglas J. Thinking About the Unthinkable: Staff Sexual Abuse of Residents, 44 (Jun)
Designing for the Gay Seniors Population, 42 (Oct)

Eicher, Eric. Environmentally Responsible Pest Management, 41 (Feb)

Elliott, Sandra. See, Higgins, Helen.

Fishman, Len (interview). Turning LTC Upside Down, 54 (Jun)
Gavin-Dreschnack, Deborah (interview). Wheelchairs: One Size Does Not Fit All, 68 (Apr)

Girouard, Judy. See, Higgins, Helen.

Goethe, Katherine E.; Leatherman, Martha E. Customer Dissatisfaction: Eight Sure Ways to Enrage Residents and Families, 44 (Nov)

Gregg, Sister Raphael (interview). Quality Close-Up: Stories From Three Administrators, 22 (May)

Higgins, Helen; Miner-Olson, Kari; Asen, Leo; Elliott, Sandra; Girouard, Judy; Mattern, Jeanne. Technology Assist: The LTC Market’s Cutting-Edge Demand, 46 (Dec)

Hoban, Sandra. Safety in the Storm, 32 (Oct)
Making Way for Staff Diversity, 18 (Nov)

Hoban, Sandra (Not-For-Profit Report).
Threading Love Throughout the Community, 45 (Jan)
Who Are Customer Service Reps? Everyone!, 39 (Feb)
And the Beat Goes On, 35 (Mar)
Dance Your Problems Away, 41 (Apr)
Giving Troubled Youth a Chance, 37 (May)
Still “In the Mood,” 35 (Jun)
Serving Then, Serving Now, 53 (Sep)

Hutlock, Todd. Financing the Project, 41 (Jan)
NIC’s MAP Project: Checking in One Year Later, 32 (Apr)
Bridging the Voice Communication Gap-Without a Wire, 48 (Sep)

Hutlock, Todd (Not-For-Profit Report).
All In the Name of Good Taste, 37 (Mar)
Project Linus: Blanketing Needy Children With Love, 39 (Apr)

Hyman, Louis (interview). Vendors Sound Off On e-Prescribing, 34 (Jan)

Keane, Bill. The Death of Culture Change?, 30 (Nov)

Kepley, Drew H. The Case Against “Aging in Place,” 36 (Oct)

Kieffer, Lon. The Lessons of the “Million Dollar Baby” Doll, 40 (Aug)

King, J. Freeman. A Practical Guide to Communicating With Residents With Deafness, 56 (Apr)

Kramer, Robert G.; Mullen, Anthony J. (NIC on Financing). Bears or Bulls? Financiers Reveal Attitudes on Reductions in Capitalization Rates, 100 (Sep)

Krueger, Kathy. Renovation on a Budget, 23 (Jun)

Lahm, Georgene. The New Caregivers Who Help Residents Age in Place, 60 (Apr)

Levine, Jeffrey M.; Peterson, Marilyn; Savino, Fay. Implementing the New CMS Guidelines on Wound Care, 110 (Sep)

Lewis, Mark. Benefits of Restroom Automation, 36 (Jul)

Lewis, Raymond J. (NIC on Financing)
SNFs Need to “Tough It Out” for the First Part of 2005, 62 (Mar)

Licht, Richard (Guest Editorial). Many Nursing Homes Need Better Fire and Smoke Protection, 8 (Feb)

Lund, Craig. Reaching and Teaching Families by Phone, 28 (Aug)

Lyder, Courtney H. (interview). CMS’s New Guidance for Pressure Ulcers: What It Means, 30 (Mar)

Martin, Anya; Brady, Angela (Assisted Living Review). Family Matters, 60 (Jun)

Martin, Anya. See, Brady, Angela.

Mattern, Jeanne. See, Higgins, Helen.

McCarthy, Jennifer. More Than Surviving: Keys to Thriving as an Administrator, 36 (Aug)

McDermott, Ann (Assisted Living Review). How Political Lobbying Pays: A Look at Ohio, 96 (Oct)

Meek, Frank. Spring-Cleaning: Keeping Pests Where They Belong, 33 (Mar)
Swat Away Health Problems, 40 (Jul)
Stop Fire Ants With a “One-Two Punch,” 76 (Oct)

Miner-Olson, Kari. See, Higgins, Helen.

Moen, Maria D. Is It Time for New Information Technology?, 26 (Jan)

Montague, Jan; Peters, Kim. All Is Well-and Getting Better, 16 (Dec)

Moses, Stephen A. (interview). Long-Term Care’s Lone Realist Rides Again, 49 (Mar)

Mullen, Anthony J. (NIC on Financing). Things Are Looking Up-Selectively, 64 (Jun)
See, Kramer, Robert G.

Nash, Gail. Flooring Decisions for the Long Term, 28 (Jun)

Nordeen, Peggy. Customized Communication With Residents and Families, 78 (Oct)

Norine, Paul (interview). Making Wireless Work for You, 32 (Feb)

Oatway, David (Computer Technology). Revising Strategic Planning for IT Support, 52 (May)
Coming October 1: New HIPAA and CMS Requirements, 96 (Sep)
There’s an Electronic Signature in Your Future, 63 (Nov)
Patterson, Renee. The Basics of Improving Infection Control, 76 (Jun)

Peck, Richard L. Assisted Living 2005: What Now?, 26 (Apr)
Warning Signs for the White House, 26 (Oct)

Peck, Richard L. (Editorial)
How to Win Friends and Influence People, 6 (Jan)
Through the Looking Glass, 6 (Feb)
With Friends Like These…, 6 (Mar)
George’s Dream, 6 (Apr)
Welcome, Sweet Springtime, 6 (May)
Summer Cleanup, 6 (Jun)
The Basic Staffing Solution, 6 (Jul)
The Glowing Candle, 6 (Aug)
A Quiet 10th Anniversary, 6 (Sep)
Sobering Thoughts From Sweden, 6 (Oct)
Katrina’s Lesson, 6 (Nov)
The Bright Side, 6 (Dec)

Peete, David (Guest Editorial). Needed: Servant-Leaders, 8 (Jul)

Peltier, Michael (Not-For-Profit Report). A Growing Passion, 37 (Jun)
Honoring the “Ageless,” 33 (Aug)
A Million Hours-and Counting, 35 (Nov)
Laughing Out Loud on Long Island, 33 (Dec)

Peters, Kim. See, Montague, Jan.

Petersen, Sandi. Developing Risk-Management Protocols in Assisted Living, 24 (Nov)

Peterson, Marilyn. See, Levine, Jeffrey M.

Pieczynski, James J. Why Capital Markets Are Bullish, 88 (Oct)

Rauma, Peter; Vickery, Christine G. Neilson Place: Small Facility, Big Changes, 46 (Oct)

Rehkamp, Nancy. What Is the Gold Standard of Nursing Home Performance?, 40 (May)

Savino, Fay. See, Levine, Jeffrey M.

Schramm, Gloria (Guest Editorial). Lessons Learned From My Uncle Lou, 8 (Mar)

Schwartz-Cassell, Tobi. Lending a Hand With Surveyor Training, 34 (Jul)

Shady, Kim. Designing Your Laundry Room for Maximum Efficiency, 50 (Aug)

Silver, Josh; Wiggs, Al. Behind the Trend Toward Purchasing Versus Renting, 14 (Jul)

Skubic, Marge (interview). Technology for Independence, 33 (Sep)

Smoller, Jill. On the Town, 58 (Mar)

Spinks, Martha. Opening an Alzheimer’s Day Care Center, 48 (Apr)

Staff Associates at Life Care Center of Sarasota (OPTIMA Award). Butterflies are Free: One Nursing Home’s End-of-Life Program, 20 (Sep)

Staff of the Brian Center Health and Rehabilitation/Brevard, Brevard, North Carolina (2005 OPTIMA Entry). An Adventure into Snoezelen Therapy, 64 (Oct)

Stahl, Jason (Not-For-Profit Report). Power to the People, 55 (Sep)
A Special Sort of Bond, 57 (Oct)
Creating A Culture of Innovation, 37 (Nov)

Stoil, Michael J. (View on Washington)
Why Nothing Gets Done, 12 (Jan)
The 75 Percent Solution, 12 (Feb)
Where There’s Smoke…, 16 (Mar)
Medicare Part D: Omissions That Affect SNFs, 14 (Apr)
Bush’s Medicaid Plans Could Be Worse, 14 (May)
Administrator Licensure Crisis On Hold, 12 (Jun)
Whatever Became of RNs?, 12 (Jul)
The Feds’ Fading Commitment to Veterans, 12 (Aug)
Is the Medicaid Commission a Flop?, 12 (Sep)
Are Other Countries Showing the Way?, 18 (Oct)
Newt’s Back, 12 (Nov)
Charles Grassley as Long-Term Care Power Broker, 10 (Dec)

Taylor, Jennifer. Advanced Lighting Technologies Enhance Resident Care, 36 (Sep)

Tenenbaum, Morris; Batis, Effie. Financing Long-Term Care: The Life Insurance Solution, 54 (Mar)

Terblanche, Shane. What to Consider When Buying a Bus, 103 (Oct)

Tetz, Gary (Funny You Should Ask). My Accordion Dreams, 72 (Jun)
When the Chips Are Down, 47 (Aug)
Customer Service Falls Flat, 100 (Oct)
Left Behind, 42 (Dec)

Thorp, Kim (interview). Quality Close-Up: Stories From Three Administrators, 22 (May)

Underwood, Reta A. Preparing for CMS’s Continence Care Revisions, 56 (May)
(Survey Survival) Are You Aware of These New Survey Requirements?, 46 (May)
Good Reasons to Take Elder Abuse Seriously, 106 (Sep)
Don’t Fool With Mother Nature, 66 (November)
Van Ee, Jonathan. Protecting Quality Assurance Documents From Discovery, 48 (Nov)

Vickery, Christine G. See, Rauma, Peter.

Volzer, Robert (Design Center)
“…To Grandmother’s House We Go” (The Cottage Homes of The Highlands), 49 (Jan)
From Runways to Fairways (Chestnut Square at The Glen), 41 (Mar)
“Homesteading” (Stonebridge at Montgomery), 45 (Apr)
“The Joys of Sumner” (Sumner on Ridgewood), 33 (May)
“A Room With A View” (Westview Meadows), 59 (Sep)
Dream Catchers (The Ridge at RiverWoods), 61 (Oct)
Residents First (Gerald Levine Center for Memory Care at the Loudonville Home), 41 (Nov)

Weissman, Arthur (interview). Are Your Products Environment-Responsible?, 16 (Jul)

Weshenfelder, Carol. Building Professionalism and Customer Service, 30 (Jul)

White, Janet. Save Your Back, Save Your Budget, 36 (Dec)

Wiggs, Al. See, Silver, Josh.

Willging, Paul (Paul Willging Says…)
It’s Time to Take the Politics Out of Nursing Home Quality, 20 (Jan)
The Best LTC Model Has Yet to Be Implemented, 18 (Feb)
It’s All About Leading and Managing People, 22 (Mar)
Staffing Is Your Most Critical Function, 20 (Apr)
When It Comes to Quality, Wall Street Might Be a Problem, 18 (May)
Marketing Is Key in an Era of Increased Competition, 16 (Jun)
Be a Partner With Your Community, 14 (Aug)
Politics Is a Part of Marketing, Too, 16 (Sep)
Budgeting Is More Than Just Numbers, 22 (Oct)
“Aging in Place” Conveys the Wrong Idea, 14 (Nov)
It’s Time to Get Systematic, 12 (Dec)

Williams, Jeff. New Infection-Fighting Linens, 42 (Sep)

Williams, Linda (Liability Landscape)
Do You Have the “Right” to Use a Chemical Restraint?, 42 (Feb)
Handling Constipation and Fecal Impaction, 64 (Apr)
Keeping Residents Safe While On the Go, 68 (Jun)
Dealing With Depression, 44 (Aug)
Documentation Perils, 92 (Oct)

Zespy, Linda. Improving Health Benefits for Staff, 27 (Mar)

Zimring, Jon. When Residents Abuse Employees, 82 (Oct)

Zinn, Linda. Activities for Dementia Care: Unlocking What Remains, 24 (Feb)
Dry Skin: More Than an Annoyance, 68 (Nov)

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