Your response to resident interviews in assessing quality

What do you think of the coming MDS 3.0 emphasis on resident interviews to assess quality for survey?


– I think it has always been included if an MDS was done well. If not, there was too much room for error. We will see how this unfolds.

– It’s a good idea, but very time consuming in an era with cutbacks and staffing crunches.

– Since the beginning the MDS has, like anything the government is involved in, grown. It has gone from a staff nurse “spending 15 minutes to complete” to needing two full-time nurses for a medium sized facility. Fifteen minutes was stated per the state.

– Being that the residents are the consumer, it is imperative that facilities get their input on how to provide quality care. At times, surveys also bring forth concerns that may not otherwise have been reported.

– They still think boxes and indicators are the answer. Where does quality environment, great staff, and attitude fit? Life happens and we don’t have time to bring “essence” of fun and excitement to the job. Boxes, checks, etc….

– I believe that this is one of the only ways to really find out what happens, but is also fraught with difficulty because residents also feel loyal to the facility too.
Ralph Hampson, Melbourne, Australia

– As Medicare and Medicaid decrease funds, facilities decrease staff. So many people have to wear multiple hats. Who is left to do their work and this too???

– Resident interviews should be part of the entire quality survey. It is also informative to interview the resident’s family/friends. Join in on the debate by adding your comments in the box below.

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