Your response to nanny cams

Do you believe LTC facilities need better surveillance technologies to document claims of abuse?


-Properly investigated … I can make a determination. The problem with video cameras is there is no context and it is open to the interpretation and judgment of the viewer. Not my preference.

-I believe people in the institutional setting (staff) require extensive education on recognizing abuse and feeling comfortable to report abuse and administration to accept that despite how well they run a building. Abuse, whether verbal/misappropriation and physical abuse, does happen and it should never be down played despite the residents’ level of awareness.

-I believe a facility should be monitored by the administrative staff and supervisors to prevent abuse and I believe that there should be ongoing training with all staff.

-This would help to end abuse of our elders. Only the worst perpetrators will proceed when they know they are being watched by management.

-I think most of us in the LTC business make it a priority to ensure the safety of our residents. Surveillance would only serve to make people feel intimidated.

Agree with majority? Discuss your feelings on facility surveillance below.

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