Your response to attorneys general on Five-Star

Are you surprised 31 state attorneys general wrote to the Department of Health and Human Services calling for the suspension and revision of the Five-Star Rating System?


– My only problem with Five-Star is that it is not kept up to date with the latest survey results.

– I am astounded that the AGs have any comprehension of long-term care!

– No one has given it time to work.

– I’m glad they spoke up. This system is confusing to providers let alone the general public.

– The rating system is not yet perfected. Take it away until it can be made really useful.

– The system is not correct. I know of a nursing home that was in denial of Medicare and Medicaid new payments last year and got a 4-star rating…????? They advertise their 4-Star rating and it is really deceiving! Fix it NOW!

– It started as a good idea but leave it to the federal gov’t to mess it up by rushing it to publish!

– This system unfairly penalizes facilities that admit high acuity, medical rehabilitation patients. There could be the temptation for facilities to admit only those residents that would make the “scores” look good.

– I work in a five-star facility and we are one of the top 27 in the nation. I am proud to say that we truly deserve the honor.

– It is not accurate and is not applied equally across the country.

– It is an unfair system.

– The system does not take into consideration the acuity of care.

– Percentages assigned to 5-star and to 1-star unfair.

– Customer satisfaction is very important. Surveyors don’t input this into the facilities report.

– The system is not a good measure of the nursing home industry and gives a poor snapshot of the true picture of most.

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