Your feelings on the CMS Five-Star Rating System

I don’t think any of the compare systems work because they are based on data submitted and not every facility codes the same, and not every state’s surveyors survey the same. You are not comparing apples with apples. I don’t think it is an accurate system.

We are a very small nursing home and any issues cause the statistics to be skewed to present a negative image.

It’s utterly ridiculous and based on a document which points out a facility’s shortcomings, not on what they excel at but what they need improvement on. We are NOT hotels and shouldn’t be rated in the same system.

I need to see the exact criterion that will be utilized for the rating scale—many of the QI/QM statistics do not indicate quality but rather just identify demographics or resident population characteristics. Do you disagree with what’s been said? Speak your mind on the rating system!

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