Your facility’s restraint usage

How much has your facility reduced use of physical restraints over the past few years?


– We have done an excellent job of reducing restraints of all kinds in the last few years, and now have very few in use. However, we now have new administration in place who seem to be unaware of the other options available and continue to place residents in inappropriate areas (such as wandering residents in the main area of the facility instead of the safety unit) and then expect us to restrain them in order to keep them “safe.” So, we are now seeing an increase in the number of restraints used, and it is a real morale killer for our staff, especially the ones who have worked so hard to get rid of them over the years!

– I’ve worked here for 16 years and we have always been restraint free.

– 100%

– We don’t use physical restraints.

– Mine is a restraint-free facility. Does your facility hold back from using restraints? Discuss the policy in the comments below.

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