WRS Architects, Inc. , Theo & Alfred M. Landon Center on Aging

Theo & Alfred M. Landon Center on Aging – Kansas City, Kansas
WRS Architects, Inc. – North Kansas City, Missouri
Type of Facility/Setting: Wellness/Fitness Center

Facility Contact: Diane Clark

Firm: WRS Architects, Inc., (816) 221-9300

Design Team: Ron Reid, President; David Reid, Designer; Vance Harrick, Project Manager (WRS Architects, Inc.); Victor Regnier, Consultant (V. Regnier Architect)

Photography: Paul Brokering, D. Neal Eidemiller

Resident Capacity: N/A

Space/Resident (sq. ft.): N/A

Total Area (sq. ft.): 42,700 new; 6,600 gymnasium renovation

Total Cost (excluding land): $6.3 million

Cost/Sq. Ft.: $126.76 (includes gymnasium renovation)

Completion: March 2001

The Theo & Alfred M. Landon Center on Aging on the campus of the University of Kansas Medical Center is dedicated to serving older adults in the region. The facility develops and supports model healthcare services, translates research into cutting-edge clinical geriatric care and educates patients, families, healthcare providers, students and practicing professionals on the newest principles of geriatric health. The new Center on Aging integrates the existing gymnasium, converting it into a wellness center.

One of the project’s design goals was to inspire and stimulate visitors and family members. This has been accomplished via the exhibit of images, art, sculpture and artifacts, as well as by providing opportunities for an intergenerational exchange of ideas and by integrating outdoor spaces into the design. Instead of using signs for wayfinding the design used art, outdoor gardens, skylights and lighting to provide architectural differentiation.

The design took into account the fact that many individuals who visit the facility bring along family members. As a result, exam rooms, community rooms and waiting rooms are large enough to accommodate several family members and several kinds of professionals, without compromising visitors’ dignity and privacy.

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