White House: ‘We do not support repeal’ of CLASS

The Obama administration Monday rejected a Congressional Budget Office ruling that would effectively carve a path for repealing the CLASS Act, creating more confusion over the program’s future after its implementation had been shut down last Friday.

The Associated Press reported: “‘We do not support repeal,’ White House spokesman Nick Papas said Monday. ‘Repealing the CLASS Act isn’t necessary or productive. What we should be doing is working together to address the long-term care challenges we face in this country.’”

At the LeadingAge annual meeting Monday in Washington, D.C., Bob Yee, an actuary, said there are “workable designs” left to study before trashing CLASS completely.

“It’s premature to shut off discussion. It’s time for public discourse—not time to shut down,” said LeadingAge President and CEO Larry Minnix at the annual meeting.

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