When is a facility mattress worn out?

I have had a semi-automatic power bed for years. The one that I brought here is my second bed and it is probably 25 years old. When my sister visited a couple weeks ago, she napped on my bed until I returned from a medical treatment. Later she pointed to a depression in my mattress and told me I needed a new one. I told her they wear out quickly from the mattress being raised and lowered by the motors and that my mattress is only three years old.

My sister asked what types of mattresses are available. I told her there are inner spring, foam, gel, and combinations. She asked if I could get a therapeutic mattress like those advertised on TV. I had to admit I did not know, since I have not researched mattresses recently. She felt it would be worth my while to check it out.

I told her the facility has purchased at least two mattresses for my bed since I came. But they did not get me a new one until mine was quite dilapidated. I thought to myself that I would feel strange asking for a new mattress when the old one is only three years old. However, the longer I thought about it, the more I realized my mattress’s weakness could be causing my backaches.

Since my sister’s mattress comments, I noticed that when I sit on the mattress it buckles. It no longer recoils and it is more difficult for the aides to get me into and out of bed.

A bit of mattress research before writing this showed that replacement mattresses have not changed much, except the prices are higher. It is difficult to determine online how firm the mattress will be. I prefer firm mattresses because I sleep better on them. I also have no skin breakdowns and I certainly would like to keep it that way.

I will do a little more mattress research and then tell the facility about the status of mine and see if they will consider getting the me a new one.

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