What about recycling in your facility?

Ever since I came to a nursing home 13 years ago, I wondered why this facility did not recycle. I know there are recycling centers in the area. But I do not what the fees were to have recycled items picked up. I did know that it is expensive to have trash picked up and hauled to the landfill three times a week. It is still difficult for me to believe how much cardboard from here goes to the dumpster and then to the landfill.

I used to recycle when I lived on my own. I worked in a community action agency building and they sold me on it. Of course, back in the 80s it was somewhat profitable to save your glass, aluminum, cardboard, and even newspapers. Recycling made me feel that I was doing my part to keep the Earth clean. My father always stressed respecting the Earth. He was into ecology ahead of his time.

I have read a few articles here about helping facilities to become more green either by composting or by growing their own vegetables. But so far I have not read anything about facilities and their recycling policies.

I can think of some reasons why recycling would be a good idea. It saves the Earth therefore it is good for business. Recycling trash could put less carbon into our environment which would be good for business.

I know that some will say recycling is too expensive. They will say that we are wasting oil to remake old products. I know there is controversy around the issue. But when I pass a recycling pickup center in an adjacent county, I have to say that it is totally fascinating to me.

That there could be business in our trash seems to be quite a revelation. It also reaffirms my parents’ Depression belief that everything is reusable.

I would really like to see some input from those who run nursing facilities about recycling. Does your facility do it? Are you thinking about it for the future?

If you do not think it is a good idea based on costs or other reasons please put those comments down.

I hope you will participate.

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