Voice Recognition Digital Dictation

Voice recognition or Speech recognition (also known as automatic speech recognition or computer speech recognition) converts spoken words to machine-readable input. Digital dictation is a method of recording and editing spoken word in real-time within a digital audio format. – Wikipedia Oct. 2008

Digital dictation in the healthcare space is definitely nothing new but in recent years voice recognition digital dictation has become very popular among clinicians especially Radiologists and Pathologists.

In the past healthcare professionals would recite their clinical findings or exam results into a handheld tape recorder or tape based phone system. The recording would then be played back by a transcriptionist who typed out the dictation for approval. This tape based process was replaced by digital recorders during the digital revolution along with cassette tapes and most other tape recording media.

Digital recorders gave us improved speed and better sound quality but still required playback and transcribing services. The most recent evolution in dictation brought us computer based digital dictation via voice (speech) recognition software which allows for real time transcribing and self editing. Basically the user trains the software application to recognize his or her voice and style of speaking to produce the dictation with a microphone connected to the PC. Once a voice profile is created the user can dictate very accurate reports or commands almost as quickly as they can speak.

Dictation Systems

Cassette Recorder Systems

Digital Recorder Systems

Voice Recognition Digital Dictation Software

Requires Separate Transcribing Process

Real-Time editing, no Separate Transcribing Required

Computer based voice recognition applications will soon reach 100% accuracy according to VR software vendors. Radiologist interpretation and reporting processes have been significantly improved by integrating voice recognition digital dictation functionality with PACS. Future enhancements in digital dictation and voice recognition applications will further improve dictation turn around times and eventually eliminate the need for a separate transcribing process.

What do you think about computer based voice recognition applications? How has VR Digital Dictation improved your clinical environment?

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