Top 5 legal blogs of 2014

Surveys, sexuality and social media were among the hot topics for website visitors and social media friends and followers when it came to the Long-Term Living legal blogs of Alan C. Horowitz, RN, JD, in 2014. So revealed an examination of analytics by Megan Combs, associate editor for reader engagement. The list includes content written before Dec. 9. Here’s another chance to revisit these columns or read them for the first time.

1. Challenging surveys

Deficiencies and enforcement actions don’t always have to be accepted without a challenge. Horowitz explained the steps to appealing state survey deficiency reports in this February blog, his most popular of the year.

2. Medical directors: Key to quality care

A nursing home’s medical director bears the greatest ultimate responsibility for ensuring that residents receive quality care. This April blog detailed what is required of facilities when it comes to this position.

3. Sexuality in SNFs: Balancing resident rights and resident safety

Sex among residents in a nursing home? Yes—and as long as both parties are able to choose, it’s their right. But is your staff properly trained to handle other situations that could arise, especially with residents who may have cognition deficiencies? This April blog shared suggestions.

4. Social media present challenges for healthcare employers, employees

A clear social media policy can help employers and employees meet their legal obligations to one another as well as to residents. In this August blog, Horowitz showed where others have fallen short and provided tips for success.

5. CPR: Live or let die?

Administering CPR can be a life-saver or a violation of a resident’s rights. In July, Horowitz wrote about what your staff needs to know if an emergency occurs.

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