Top 10 articles of 2014

Quality improvement, staffing, regulatory and operational design issues were among the hot topics for the brand’s readers, website visitors and social media friends and followers in 2014, reveals an examination of analytics by Megan Combs, associate editor for reader engagement. The list includes exclusive Long-Term Living content written before Dec. 9. Here’s another chance to revisit these stories or read them for the first time. Also read about our top blogs and news items.

1. 12 steps to QAPI: Step 1: Leadership

Nell Griffin, LPN, EdM’s series on quality assurance performance improvement (QAPI) proved very popular with readers. The first installment, which was posted online in January, was Long-Term Livings most popular article of the year. Griffin discussed the importance of leadership engagement, responsibility and accountability through proactive care practices and administrative policies. The QAPI series actually scored four spots on our top 10 list; we’re counting them all in this entry.

2. The MDS coordinator should report to…?

In this May article, Judi Kulus, NHA, RN, MAT, RAC-MT, C-NE, explored whether having a facility’s MDS coordinator report to its director of nursing was the best organizational structure, given the coordinator’s need to connect with middle and upper management.

3. A small house can mean a big difference, speakers say

In this May article by Senior Editor Lois A. Bowers, a senior living provider and a general contractor shared what they had learned through the process of building of five small house neighborhoods and delivering person-centered skilled nursing care. The article, part of our coverage of the Environments for Aging Conference, contained a photo gallery, too.

4. Senate passes HR 4302; what it means to SNFs

This March article by Bowers relayed the specifics of a bill delaying enforcement of the “two midnight rule” for certain hospital stays and creating programs to establish readmission-related measures for skilled nursing facilities as well as rewards for those facilities that meet them.

5. Memory boxes? Forget about them

This May article by Bowers explored why long-term care communities are moving away from using memory boxes as cuing tools for residents. Experts also discussed less expensive and more effective options in this article, part of our coverage of the Environments for Aging Conference.

Older adults’ perceptions of the services offered at continuing care retirement communities are fueling a high-profile effort to develop a new name for the entities, detailed in this April article by Bowers. The renaming process, one person predicted, may force providers to think about the services they offer now and how they might want to change in the future.

The days of simply keeping residents occupied are over, and the focus has turned squarely on making sure that meaningful, person-centered activities contribute to a life worth living—and celebrating, Ron Rajecki wrote in this May article. He explored how long-term care communities and their activity directors are rolling up their sleeves and taking the challenge to heart. In addition to being an overall favorite article, this piece was tops among our Facebook followers for all of 2014.

8. RN staffing bill set to increase minimum hours

Providing 24/7 RN coverage in nursing homes was the goal of a bill introduced July 31 and detailed in this August article written by Kulus. Having the most highly qualified professionals available would ensure that residents received optimal care at any hour of the day, she wrote.

9. Flu vaccination low among long-term care workers

Flu vaccination among healthcare personnel is lowest among those working in long-term care settings, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presented in this article by Bowers. Read the two actions employers can take to encourage vaccination.

10. Flooring trends: Carpet's new options

Is your long-term or post-acute care facility ready for a remodel? In this March article, Joe Versluis shared why carpeting choices may deserve a fresh look in your flooring decisions.

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