The best staff members


What qualities or characteristics make for a good staff member who meets your needs?

Resident Betty

Signature HealthCARE of Pikeville

“I believe that a good staff member is really friendly and cheerful. They smile a lot and always take time to speak to us. Not only do they talk to us, but they really listen too. This shows us that they are honest and considerate. I love all of the staff members at my facility.”

Resident Natalie

Hanover Health and Rehabilitation at Birmingham


“One who is willing to greet you and let you know who they are. I like the person who checks on me to make sure everything is all right and who wears a smile. I also like to be able to have a relationship with them and just have fun.”

Resident Ruby

Rockcastle Health & Rehabilitation Center


“Be nice and enjoy the job. Be kind. Be patient. And be good.”

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