Thanks, Gary, for those belly laughs

I love Gary Tetz’s articles! I typically find a few helpful snippets of information and insight in each issue of Long-Term Living, but I always get a smile-and often a good belly laugh-from Mr. Tetz’s contributions. His most recent column on cremation and creative marketing was no exception, and I was laughing out loud when a resident popped her head into my office to (ironically) inform me of her cremation plans. In a field where the discussion often revolves around stress and struggle, Mr. Tetz brings a desperately needed bit of humor. Please pass along my appreciation for his writing, and thank you for continuing to showcase his talents in Long-Term Living.

Glen Melin, Executive Director

Crista Shores Retirement Community

Silverdale, Washington

Long-Term Living 2009 December;58(12):14

Topics: Articles