Thankful for

On a day in mid-November last year, my cell phone rang. Since I use Skype phone on my desktop and laptop, I wondered who forgot and called my cell. I found a voicemail from my friend Mike we used to drive me on frequent outings and now does it occasionally.

On the voicemail, he told me he was in the ER in southeastern Ohio and was okay. He said he had chest pains and just wanted to let me know. Even though I knew his wife was with him, I could hear stifled terror in his voice. I merely e-mailed him saying I hoped it was something minor, but if it was serious, to follow doctor's orders.

The next day I called Mike's wife and left a voicemail – asking her to let me know how he was doing. When I returned from lunch there was a missed call from Mike's wife on my Skype phone – but no message. I wondered if he was having surgery.

A few days later my sister visited. As she was driving us to lunch, she told me Mike called and asked her to tell me he had bypass surgery – five days before. The news was not totally unexpected. I returned to the facility, called his wife, and left another voicemail. Later she left a voicemail on my cell saying he was recovering well from surgery.

A few days later Mike was moved to a rehab facility. I called him several times and could only leave voicemails. Since I knew supper was around 5, I called and he answered. His voice sounded like an elephant was sitting on his chest. When he said he was eating, I only talked a minute. He told me he had been up all day and was tired. When he said he was going home the next day, I was relieved.

Mike had cardiac rehab for several weeks. Mike posted on Facebook that his doctor said, "You beat the widow maker.”

Earlier this year he went back to his part-time homebuilding store job for a few hours a week. Now he is back to working his normal schedule.

Coincidently the day after the first anniversary of his bypass, Mike and I went to a Chinese buffet. After we got our food, the manager told us our lunch bill had been paid. She handed Mike a note that said, "Thank you for showing us what love is today. Enjoy your lunch". – Cindy. Neither one of us knows Cindy, but we are grateful for her kindness.

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