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Rehab Management Software

Web-based Cypress Therapy Management software, from Accu-Med Services, aids in the accurate collection and tracking of all billable activities, assesses clinical outcomes (Rehab Outcomes Measure), captures all clinical documentation, validates RUG levels, generates billing, captures labor hours, calculates staffing needs, provides reports on demand, and more. The new Cypress Mobile also enables data entry from any handheld device running Windows Mobile.

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Wireless Nurse Call System

Advanced Wireless Communications’ Instant Assistant® Wireless Nurse Call System can integrate with most existing hardwired systems. This will not only extend the life of your system, but will allow you to add any new devices wirelessly. The Instant Assistant can blend with two-way radios, pagers, cellular and landline phones, message displays, and other devices so you can respond to residents quickly and efficiently. With flexible reporting options, you can see how quickly staff responds to the needs of the residents.

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EMR System

RH Positive offers a state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system with many features. Among those features are orders delivered by time, day, week, and/or month; MARs, TARs; and other user-defined flow sheets. In addition RH Positive’s EMR system contains an internal messaging system with alerts, an electronic pharmacy interface, and electronic signature capabilities. The system is available via LAN or Web access making for a versatile bedside charting application.

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Portable UV Sanitizer

The DeGERM-inator UV-5D portable ultraviolet sanitizer from Spectroline quickly destroys or renders harmless a wide range of disease-causing bacterial and viruses. It has been tested and proven to safely sanitize cell phones, telephone receivers, toilet seats and handles, computer mouse devices and keyboards, doorknobs, and other commonly contaminated surfaces.

Simply shine the UV light over any smooth, nonporous surface to be disinfected at 1/2″ or less for six to eight seconds. The light will kill virtually all germs including, influenza, salmonella, E. coli, streptococcus, staphylococcus, hepatitis, and more. It provides up to six hours of use on four AA alkaline batteries and comes with a nylon travel pouch.

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Mobile EMR System

SigmaCare® mobile electronic medical records (EMR) system is designed specifically for long-term care facilities to improve operations, reimbursement, and resident care with project management, training, and support. Sigma-Care provides point-of-care CPOE, eMAR/TAR, CNA, and Rehab charting, progress notes, clinical assessments, MDS, care planning, real-time dashboards, comprehensive reporting, and interoperability with RHIOs, vendors, and providers.

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