Tech partnership focuses on daily senior care and safety

Chicago-based Caremerge LLC, which provides a mobile and web-based coordination platform that allows for real-time staff interactions, and San Francisco-based Lively, which provides sensors that can detect changes in the daily behavior of seniors, have decided to partner their strengths.

Caremerge's platform is widely used by long-term care facilities and home health organizations to collect healthcare data on residents and to coordinate care on a daily basis.

Lively provides passive movement sensors that can track a person's movement in a room or house and then send that information wirelessly to caregivers who can detect any changes in the person's daily routine.

Working together, these two technologies can improve the care and safety of seniors through real-time interactions and data sharing.

"The addition of the Lively's sensor technology to the existing Caremerge care coordination and communication platform continues to allow us to provide a higher quality of life for seniors at home or in a senior living community, better decision making for care providers, and peace of mind for the families," said Asif Khan, founder and CEO of Caremerge, in a press release.

Iggy Fanlo, co-founder and CEO of Lively, added: "This partnership is about creating technology solutions that enable us to provide the best care possible for our aging population and allowing family members to participate in their loved one's care with real-time information. At the same time, this will allow us to continue to provide independence for older adults and a complete picture delivering peace of mind for care providers."


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