Tablet technology aims to mitigate concerns of in-home care for seniors

Caring Senior Service, a provider of in-home healthcare services throughout the United States, has been piloting the use of tablet technology in an effort to help improve the lives of seniors living at home.

The San Antonio, Texas-based company has implemented the "BettyCare Tablet" in the homes of all clientele as a way to mitigate the concerns of in-home care so that seniors can remain healthy while living at home.

The tablet technology is provided by San Diego, Calif.-based nliven Systems and offered as a BettyCare in-home care application.

According to the company, the platform can track measurable care standards; monitor vital information such as diet, medications, hygiene and daily activities; send information to families and healthcare teams as a way to identify potential health risks; and organize data to identify trends and progressions over time.

"The BettyCare tablet is used by the caregiver at the home to help manage the day-to-day needs of clients while providing a seamless information exchange with the office for scheduling, daily logs and alerts," according to the BettyCare website. "In addition, families or care partners are able to access a web portal from any mobile device for real-time transparency at the point of care for peace of mind and confidence in the care provided—transparency that is appreciated if not demanded in today’s fragmented families and connected world."


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