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Medical Waste Machine

Medical Innovations’ Medical Waste Machine system replaces the expense of ongoing medical waste removal for long-term care facilities. This system improves the liability situation because there are no sharps or medical waste on site because of the sterilization process which converts the medical waste to ordinary immediately. The Medical Waste Machine system also makes an environmental contribution because what is going to the landfill is reduced in volume and is sterile as well.

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Food Storage System

Rubbermaid Commercial Products has introduced the ProSave Food Box System featuring the Dual Action Food Box Lid, which helps provide and integrated solution that not only fits all brands of clear food boxes, but slide back or flips up for proper food storage and freshness. The ProSave Dual Action Lid provides quick access to food with one hand, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. It can be stacked to withstand up to 100 lbs. The lids are available in two sizes: 18 x 12 and 18 x 26. The ProSave Food Box System includes accessories such as Drain Trays and Colanders that fit the 18 x 26 food boxes.

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Lounge Chair

Nemschoff’s Harmon Lounge is designed to promote infection prevention. Its open arms facilitate easy cleaning and help prevent dirt buildup. The Harmon Lounge has a generous interior seat width, yet maintains a standard lounge footprint. There are three back options available-wood, wood slat, or upholstery. In addition there are three arm cap inset options-upholstery, urethane, or wood. The Harmon Lounge is suitable for a variety of healthcare interiors from lobbies to lounges to reception areas.

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Wireless Sensor

The EN1240 activity sensor from Inovonics is a wireless sensor solution designed for senior care facilities. Based on motion-sensing technology, the EN1240 improves senior care daily check-in. Unlike other systems that require a resident to push a button or open a door to initiate daily check-in, the Inovonics EN1240 activity sensor enables passive detection of activity with an extended sleep timer that reduces unwanted radio frequency (RF) traffic to eliminate excessive and/or unwarranted alarms. This sensor automates the check-in procedure, but it also reduces the number of unwanted alarm signals. The EN1240 senses resident activity coupled with a sleep timer that alerts the system of a resident’s activity if it occurs before check-in time.

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Germicidal Wipes

Professional Disposables International, Inc. (PDI) has reengineered the wipe material for Super Sani-Cloth

® with a distinctive hexagonal-embossed material containing 40% more wood-based fibers for a greater cloth-like feel. The new material is 20% thicker than the previous material and it is highly absorbent with better fluid capacity. Sani-Cloth’s lids continue to be recyclable. The extra-large canister contains a longer sheet size of 7.5 x 15.

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Air Sanitizer

Prolitec, Inc.’s aria air-sanitizing system generates an invisible “dry” vapor of a safe, effective air-sanitizing agent. The vapor can be distributed from a small wall-mounted appliance or indirectly through an air handler, resulting in a uniformly distributed vapor compliant with OSHA air-containment restrictions for workplace inhalation. It is non-damaging to materials and electronics, yet significantly decreases the numbers of viable airborne bacteria. The aria system is fully automated and works 24/7 without human intervention. It reduces the concentration of airborne bacteria, decreasing the likelihood of inhalation or surface-settling of viable microorganism.

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