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The Translock from Transfer Solutions, LLC, is a durable, lightweight and easy-to-use latching device offering cross-functionality in wheelchair user transfers. Versatile in design, the Translock can be combined with the Wheelchair Attachment to remain intact with the chair, and simply engaged for connection to companion attachments (Toilet, Bed or Wall Attachments) for safety and stability.

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The Continental Pro-Series natural gas Heated Chest Iron delivers 90 percent efficiency. Continental Girbau’s Pro-Series natural gas ironers are designed for high-volume laundry applications. A heavy-duty spring system provides uniform pressure against the ironing bed, while an extractor fan pulls evaporated moisture from the fabric. Pro-Series Heated Chest Ironers have easy-to-operate controls.

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The Dial Eco-Smart Amenity Dispenser is sized for showers or small sinks. Its 15-oz. recyclable refill bottles hold body washes, shampoos and liquid hand soaps. This system is designed to replace amenity-sized bar soaps and shampoo bottles, and each refill can keep approximately 220 small amenity bottles out of landfills.

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Skyline Art Services’ new glass PatientCare Markerboards eliminate unsightly spaces by combining a variety of products, including artwork and pain scales into one attractive unit. These boards use a specialized fusing process to adhere digital images to glass. The result is colorful, modern and durable. PatientCare Markerboards can be made in any shape or size with unlimited artwork possibilities.

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The toilet seat lid of the iTouchless Touchless Sensor Toilet Seat, available from

SENIOR TOUCH LLC, automatically raises when the user approaches its front sensor, making it ready for seated use. A wave of the hand over the top sensor raises the seat for standing use. After the user departs, both the seat and the lid will lower, without a touch. This automated function eliminates the need to touch the seat by hand. Built-in motion sensors ensure the seat will never close during use. The seat comes with a rechargeable battery and fits most elongated and round size toilet bowls. It is available at a limited introductory price. Call (800) 660-7978 and mention discount code #1031.


The Bedbug Solution from Bargoose Home Textiles provides peace of mind for risk managers, facility directors and resident families. Specialty barrier bedding such as the Bedbug Solution healthcare mattress and box spring covers feature Zip N’ Stick tape closure and are engineered to keep bedbugs from getting into or out of the mattress.

The covers are available in six-gauge vinyl and also in a stretch polyester knit with a urethane barrier. The vinyl cover is also waterproof, fire retardant and treated with Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial. The stretch polyester knit covers feature a hydrophilic membrane for a cool, comfortable sleep and the same bedbug protection.

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