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Fall Management

Crest Healthcare Supply’s Fall Fighter Fall Management products include a String Monitor, Bed and Chair Monitors, along with sensor pads. Fall Fighter Chair and Bed Monitors are affordable and do not have on/off buttons for safety. The alarm automatically resets when the resident returns to the pad. The bed monitor also includes a nurse call interface jack, optional AC adapter input, and a remote-only volume option. Fall Fighter String Monitors feature “Always On” monitoring, multiple volume options, and snap-in battery compartment door.

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Outdoor Wellness System

Playworld Systems’ LifeTrail Advanced Wellness System is based on the functional fitness principles patterned after the movements in everyday life. Functional fitness can be a key component in helping users maintain independence and rehabilitate after an injury. Designed specifically to maintain and improve the health of people over 50, the system now includes 21 activity panels and 159 exercises. Using real-life body movements, the LifeTrail Advanced system focuses on building the strength and energy required to accomplish routine activities.

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Stain-Resistant Furniture

Slobproof! with Crypton furniture is impervious to spills, stains, or incontinent episodes. The furniture carries a five-year warranty to remain odor-proof and antimicrobial. It’s a practical choice for comfortable, durable seating in heavy-use areas. All the materials used in Slobproof’s frames and cushions come from the USA and are manufactured in the company’s North Carolina facility. Slobproof’s seating frames are Sustainable Forest Initiative approved.

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Vital Signs Monitoring System

Life Systems’ Rosie V3® is a portable unit that captures blood pressure, pulse rate, SpO2, and temperature in 40 seconds and features a linear bleed blood pressure technology for resident comfort. Rosie V3 can output the vitals information and send to an EHR through the RosieConnect Mobile Data Management System. The monitor also features a built-in recorder so individual records can be printed and included in the resident’s chart. The unit is equipped with a built-in power supply and Rosie V3 has an internal lithium-ion battery. The monitoring unit is mounted on a heavy-duty rolling stand with locking casters and it is tip resistant. The Rosie V3 comes with a standard 5-year warranty.

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Labor Management Software

OnShift Web-based scheduling and shift management software is specifically designed for the long-term care industry. With OnShift, LTC providers reduce labor costs by preventing overtime, mitigate risk through management to PPD staffing standards, and increase efficiencies through automated scheduling and instant call-off resolution. OnShift software is user-friendly, intuitive, and optimizes productivity in fast-paced environments. This saves time and frees up nurses to do what they do best: deliver quality resident care.

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Ankle/Foot Support Brace

DM Systems’ Heelift AFO features a semi-rigid polypropylene brace that is positioned to provide safe ankle and foot support. The soft foam of the Heelift AFO prevents injury to the opposite leg. It features a fixed elevation pad that can be customized for the protection of the Achilles tendon. A nonslip sole provides added traction and allows the user limited mobility and weight bearing while minimizing the risk of slippage and injury. Heelift AFO is available in both smooth and convoluted foam.

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Portable Chair Scales

DETECTO’s American-made model 475 chair scale features sturdy steel construction and lift-away armrests for patient assurance and precision weighing. Developed for patient comfort and safety, and to reduce weighing time, DETECTO chair scales are portable and offer easy side or front access for special-care patients. Available in pounds or pounds/kilos, the die-cast weigh beams are readable from both front and back. The poly contour-molded chair seat provides comfortable seating for frail, handicapped, and elderly patients. Complete with heavy-duty understructure, these scales come fully assembled and ready to use.

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