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ThermScrub® warm scrubs keep healthcare employees warm without extra layers of clothing. When worn with an undershirt, ThermScrub tops and pants keep users 30 per-cent warmer than regular scrubs. Lightweight Moisture-, odor- and stain-resistant ThermScrub tops and bottoms are available in adult sizes XS through XXXL and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

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M.E.D.S medication delivery system is a class one medical device from U.S. Tiger, Inc. This spoon-like product contains a dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free pudding-type substance that is shelf stable for six months. It assists people taking medication, especially stroke and Alzheimer’s patients. M.E.D.S is a low cost, Medicare billable, time-saving system that reduces waste and cross-contamination exposure.

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The RoomRoster 10.4 is a digital sign with a built-in MagicBox player, content creation software and EZ Stream database integration software. The combined software features allows the end user to create a variety of graphics, crawls and video playback in addition to the interfacing and extracting information from a database. Display schedules and agendas outside of conference rooms and meeting rooms along with general messaging.

Bundled with MagicBox Inc. EZ-Stream Software, this system can pull information from a data source, format it for the display and automatically send the content to the display across the Ethernet.

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Bionix® Medical Technologies has introduced the new Bionix® Ear Lavage System, a complete solution for safe and simple cerumen removal. The system includes a portable Waterpik with high and low flow settings that give the practitioner the ability to adjust it based on patient or procedural needs. The system also comes with a larger reservoir than before. The 210ml tank holds more fluid, reducing time spent refilling the system.

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The Simplex 4100ES (eServices) Fire Alarm System is an IP-enabled solution that meets the fire and life-safety needs in long-term care. The 4100 ES system provides more processing power and web-based technology that can simplify installation, improve serviceability and enhance operational efficiency. The platform’s serviceability features include remote fire alarm diagnostics, fast program downloads, and mass storage of vital system data right within the 4100ES panel.

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The Harmony Pro Workstation from Stanley InnerSpace provides storage, security and mobility. This ergonomic computing station comes in a variety of configurations to provide point-of-care staff with more storage space and a larger work surface. Manufactured in the United States, Harmony Pro features sit-to-stand capability, pushbutton height adjustability, a swivel top and left or right slide-out work surface.

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EmpowerMate’s EmpowerClean automated shower enables a resident to shower while in a comfortable seated position. Shampoo and soap are dispensed and thoroughly rinsed. The moving pad seating system exposes the groin and thigh areas to the automated dispense nozzle. An available remote control device enables an aide to supervise, while providing a level of privacy and dignity.

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The Videx CyberLock access system tracks traffic throughout the facility. The system retrofits the mechanical lock hardware already in place without wiring or structural changes. The electronic locks and keys record lock openings including exceptions such as unauthorized attempts to gain entry. The system sends email alerts and audit reporting on each person’s key activity.

Keys can be programmed to open selected locks on specific days and hours. A key can be set with dates and times to begin and end operation. The electronic key cannot be duplicated and can be easily deactivated when lost.

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