Strategies to Attract Quality Caregivers During the Pandemic

Lyndsey Wolocko, talent acquisition manager, Waltonwood Senior Living

Attracting quality caregivers can be challenging at any time, but the pandemic has made hiring top-quality help even more difficult for senior care facilities.

Caregivers who genuinely care for and are dedicated to their work are integral to a business’ success, and it’s often these caregivers that help a senior care facility to stand out from others. While finding quality caregivers during the pandemic is difficult, it’s not impossible. The following tips can help.

Get Online and Explore New Avenues

Senior care facilities absolutely must have an online presence. Not only is this essential in attracting new residents and their families, but it’s integral to the hiring process. Lyndsey Wolocko, talent acquisition manager at Waltonwood Senior Living, credits social media with being a key factor in connecting with job candidates.

“Having a social media presence is key for us in meeting candidates where they are. Facebook Jobs has been an amazing new option for us this year,” states Wolocko.

Previously, Waltonwood Senior Living has primarily focused on posting actual images of their team members to social media. The goal is to accurately represent a day in the life of a caregiver at the business. While using Facebook Jobs was new to the team, Wolocko explains that the platform quickly grew and the business saw a “huge increase” in applicants.

According to Wolocko, it’s important for a business to update its online jobs and shifts often to ensure that applicants have the most up-to-date information. She also suggests that businesses make use of the online information available on their competitors. By researching the benefits that competitors are offering, such as paying different bonuses for certain shifts, a facility can ensure that their job postings and benefits are competitive.

Embrace Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviewing is key to keeping both your staff and your job candidates safe. Wolocko recommends that facilities take the time to ensure that their hiring teams are trained on the virtual interview technology. She suggests that facilities remind staff that while an interview may be virtual, it is still a professional interview.

Staff should be prepared with questions and should work to give the candidate a great experience. Frequent communication with notices and confirmation emails can contribute to that great experience. “If anything, overcommunicate those details so candidates know what to expect,” says Wolocko. “Not only are we choosing candidates, but they’re choosing us as their next team.”

During the interview, be prepared to answer questions about the measures the facility is taking to ensure staff safety. Share the procedures and policies that are in place, and be open to answering candidates’ questions.

Wolocko recommends that businesses offer certain types of benefits to appeal to quality staff. “The ability to grow internally is important,” she states. “We have a set career path for caregivers to gain experience – we want to see them stay long-term.” She also notes that a great benefits program with multiple healthcare options is an appealing perk.

Get Creative with New Options

Successfully hiring caregivers and staff during the pandemic will depend on a facility’s ability to be adaptable and open to change. Wolocko recommends that facilities consider getting involved in virtual career fairs and virtual campus recruiting opportunities. Many of these opportunities are free.

Team member referrals have always been a valuable hiring strategy, and now they’re more valuable than ever. “Your rockstar team members will give you the best referrals, and rewarding them can be a great way to give them a bonus and get new team members,” she states.

Quality caregivers are out there, but during the pandemic, facilities may have to get more creative in how they connect with them.

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