‘Smiles from God’

With spring comes the new growth of the evergreens in front of the facility. The deciduous bushes green and shoot up as well. After our rainy spring the weeds are trying to overrun the flowerbeds. As a former gardener, I feel frustrated when I ride by and am unable to pull the weeds from the moistened soil.

Each spring I get a hanging basket and put it on the shepherd’s hook in the front. I like to see flowers and watch their progression over the summer. The geranium plant takes some care but it also lends color and beauty.

Cockscomb flower.

The rain has made it difficult for the staff to clean up the flowerbeds. The evergreens and perennials in front bloom faithfully and usually need little maintenance, except for spring cleanup and trimming.

When I went to the front lobby on Thursday, I noticed the activity director and dietary manager busily carrying flowers. They had both annuals and perennials. They told me a local greenhouse called and wanted to donate flowers. When they asked what the activity director wanted, she said she would take whatever they wanted to give. On Wednesday afternoon volunteers delivered several flats.

We now have cockscomb in yellow and peach that I have not seen before. Flowers were planted in all the hanging baskets and stationary pots. They put them around the facility sign on the hill. Among the plants put in the back, the residents particularly like the scent of the mint.

The front and rear of our building have been prettied up for the summer. The residents will have a variety of colorful flowers and plants to watch when they are either inside or outside.

The title of this blog comes from a plaque my mother gave me which said, “Flowers are like smiles from God.” We have definitely been smiled on this summer.

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