Simplify Your Shopping

Operating a clean, efficient, well-maintained, resident-focused, and competitive long-term care facility is not an easy task. Purchasing the goods and services to make this happen is always a challenge. Whether you’re operating a small, traditional, family-owned nursing home or an upscale, corporately branded nursing home or assisted living facility (or anything in between), the pages of Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management‘s 2007 BUYERS GUIDE continue to help you locate the vendor that meets your needs. Guided by clearly marked product categories and types, you will find several smooth avenues to product information: direct contact information for the vendors that interest you; means of conveniently requesting company literature; and access to company Web sites via Nursing Homes’ own portal,

This year’s Product Showcase section spotlights the product offerings from a large variety of vendors along with reader service card access. And this year’s Web Directory is the largest ever. Search all of these BUYERS GUIDE “shelves” to simplify your shopping.

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