SigmaCare adds CRM, data analytics

SigmaCare, an electronic health record (EHR) platform vendor serving all sectors of long-term care, has acquired HomecareCRM, one of the largest customer relationship management companies for home healthcare.

SigmaCare is integrating HomecareCRM’s marketing intelligence and census analytics solution into its EHR platform, allowing providers to manage clincial information and other resident data while optimizing census growth, tracking sourcing patterns and streamlining reimbursements.

The melding of technologies will help manage referrals and payments, noted Kevin Stagg, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Christian Health Care Center, a multi-dimensional long-term/post-acute care and mental health facility based in northern New Jersey, in a press release. “It will enable us to understand our local referral source patterns, improve census and optimize reimbursement. Additionally, since the solution will be a fully integrated part of the SigmaCare EHR platform, we can streamline our admission process, network more efficiently with all of our referral partners and provide real-time activity on all of our patients and residents. This is a game changer, not only for Christian Health Care Center, but for the entire industry.”

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