Share your best happenings with everyone in long-term care

From the people I meet at conferences and through e-mail correspondence, as well as in my personal experiences, I’ve learned that working in a healthcare “career” is not just a job, but a vocation. Each day is filled with stress and challenges, but overriding it all is a sense of commitment and joy—an experience that most of you wouldn’t trade for the world.

In January, Long-Term Living presented an updated look to celebrate its 60 years of publication. One of the new departments, located on our back page, is “Good Stuff—our attempt to give you, the readers, a break from the regulation, budgets, staffing, and other challenges you face each day. Using a positive approach, Good Stuff is the reader’s break room: a place to relax, have fun, and read about the positive pleasures in long-term care environments.

I invite you to share with me—and by extension our readers—some of the positives in your corner of the long-term care world, such as the art exhibit at United Hebrew of New Rochelle that was featured in the January issue. Whether it’s a program, an event, or just something wonderful happening in your organization, Long-Term Living would love to hear from you.

Let the rest of the field know who you are and what you’re doing to exhilarate the senior living experience. Please e-mail me at to start interacting with your peers—in print, online, or via Long-Term Living’s social networks. Hope to hear your “Good Stuff” soon.

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