SCA Personal Care

Philadelphia, PA

Contact: Melissa Demarinis

Ph. (800) 992-9939 Fax (610) 499-3396



SCA is the world leader in incontinence care products with our brand TENA and a leading provider of skin care products—both work together to protect skin health. Our goal is to provide long-term care professionals solutions for providing the best incontinence care possible with the lowest total cost. Supported by the largest dedicated clinical team in the industry, we support our comprehensive product line with a full range of education and services. Contact us for more information.

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Silverchair Learning Systems

Cary, NC

Contact: Justin Porter

Ph. (866) 805-7575 Fax (919) 481-3684



Learn why more than 200,000 users in 48 states have chosen Silverchair. We make it easy to successfully launch an online training system in your organization. Drastically (and measurably) improve educational effectiveness, increase training compliance, improve training consistency, reduce record keeping headaches, and most importantly—save time and money.

Upstairs Solutions, LTC

Skokie, IL

Contact: Trish Hoyt

Ph. (866) 763-4500 Fax (847) 329-3001



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