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Facility Management System

Direct Supply® TELS® is a Web-based facility management system for tracking equipment and scheduling preventive maintenance, helping to keep your community compliant and your staff and residents safe. TELS helps to overcome the most important challenges in eldercare maintenance-Life Safety codes, staff training, preventive maintenance, and more.

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Web-Based Data Analytics

eHealth Data Solutions offers data analytics for clinical, administrative, and reimbursement concerns in long-term care with its trio of products: CareWatch®, RiskWatch®, and UB Watch. Using an evidence-based approach, these Web-based applications provide accuracy, a reliable foundation for MDS assessments, UB-04s, RUG rates and potential RUG payment analyses, occurrence reporting, and treatment plans. Bundled together, this suite presents a comprehensive solution to MDS 3.0 needs, quality improvement, risk management, and financial management.

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QIS Assessment and Training

McKesson Medical-Surgical offers Healthcare Academy’s QIS Wizard Pro33, a comprehensive tool designed to help assess and address QIS issues within your long-term care facility. It not only provides QIS survey analysis and focus areas for your facility, but the QIS Wizard Pro33 actually helps address any issues through 33 online training sessions covering all aspects of the survey. The QIS Wizard Pro33 tool empowers your organization for QIS success.

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Spa System

Penner Manufacturing designed the Cascade Premier spa system to create a homelike environment in the bathing area. The unit’s features include a 26″ or 32″ LCD TV, DVD, and a CD player. All of the spa controls are built into and hidden in the cabinetry, which also features a built-in reservoir for quick-fill capability. Color choices are available to match the desired needs of the facility or interior designer.

Other spas available include the Penner Cascade Side-Entry or End-Entry, the Penner Pacific Spa, and the Penner Cascade Alcove.

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ADL Charting Software

MDS 3.0 is a reality. American HealthTech recognizes that ADLs are playing an ever more important role in reimbursement rates. The combination of MDS 3.0 and RUG-IV make the accurate capture of ADL vital for a facility’s success. American HealthTech’s ADL capture solution, Smart Charting, provides wall-mounted and handheld options for accurate CNA documentation. Smart Charting is integrated into your medical record so that the care ordered by the physician matches the care delivered to residents.

American HealthTech offers complete suites of integrated software solutions. Clinical Management, Resident Accounting, Financial Accounting, Enterprise Management, and Point-of-Care suites are available.

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Resident Assessment Online Training

Care2Learn’s new online course, Interviewing for MDS 3.0 Resident Assessment, trains employees in MDS 3.0 techniques for uncovering problems that, when solved, can improve the quality of life for residents. The material examines general interviewing techniques as well as specific interview tasks for the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI). After completing the course, staff will be able to state the importance of interviewing skills, illustrate three interviewing techniques, explain special considerations for interviewing skilled nursing residents, and describe the interview process using the RAI coding system.

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Charting Software

ECS-Electronic Chart System by American Data flows all information (CNA Charting, e-MARs, therapy, and service plans [AL]) together to form a single patient record across the continuum of care. The result is a system that will decrease cost, liability, and turnover while increasing revenues, with the new MDS 3.0 and patient care.

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Fast, Effective Equipment Washer

Medco Equipment, Inc.’s multipurpose portable equipment washer provides dramatic bacteria reduction. Independent lab documents 99.9% reduction of bacteria after one wash! Washes and sanitizes two wheelchairs in five minutes. It also cleans commode chairs, shower chairs, walkers, carts, window screens, etc. Free 30-day trial and delivery. Rent, lease-purchase, or purchase. It’s a portable dishwasher for wheelchairs, etc. All stainless steel. C/UL listed, 5-year wall-to-wall warranty. Seven-day delivery.

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Financial/Clinical Software

MDI Achieve’s Matrix software is a complete Financial and Clinical solution with EHR capabilities. With its broad line of easy-to-use solutions, you can empower staff throughout your organization with tools to help improve quality of care, documentation, and administration. Each module in the product suite provides the features and functions needed to manage day-to-day operations more efficiently. MDI Achieve’s Business Intelligence Solutions offer powerful benchmarking tools and custom reporting to help manage your business more proactively.

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