Response to Baby Boomers and Long-Term Care Blog

In reaction to the comments regarding my recent blog (click here to view), I have outlined the key points that were presented and the responses to those points, following with my own response.

Key Points

· Baby Boomers are the next wave of residents that will hit long-term care.

· They are imbedded with technology, which they use to research, compare, and communicate.

· They will not settle for the types of facilities and services that were provided to their parents.

· They will require access/engagement with their community.

· Design of facilities should represent spa/resort amenities/aesthetics.

Reader Points

· This is already happening for the WWII generation because Baby Boomers are demanding these services for their parents.

· Every community ‘we’ design has these services.

· Old news!

· Boomers won’t be able to afford to live in what they desire.

My Response

I applaud all of the designers that are currently addressing the needs of the current WWII generation and the Baby Boomers. However, we are still seeing many projects where this has not been done and the facility owners have not started to address the changes that will happen in any shape or form. It is our obligation as design professionals to assist them in this transition to whatever level they are comfortable. In regards to being able to afford these homes, once you figure in current rent, food, utilities, cable, meals, etc., the numbers are not that far off. We have seen an increase in children pulling the additional funds for mom and or dad to accommodate the shortage.

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