Providers who do social media well

While researching potential interview subjects for this month’s cover story on social media, it was mildly upsetting to learn that many long-term care businesses have zero appreciation for online networking. This is not a knock against the field by any means—providers have much less to gain, or lose, from a social media campaign compared to other businesses. And you all have more pressing issues on your minds than strategically building a Web presence. These are all issues I understand.

Redstone Highlands Senior Living

Emeritus Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living

Brookdale Senior Living

Signature HealthCARE

Erickson Living

Landis Homes

CareOne Management, LLC

What troubled me was the almost elementary view those providers had of social media’s difficulty.
Tweeting is technical? Come on. It just seemed to be a lazy reason.

I then had to remember I’ve been actively using such media since people needed college e-mail addresses to create Facebook accounts. That was a long time ago (in the eyes of a 25-year-old). For my generation, digital communication is a reflex, so I can see why long-term care is just now catching on.

Luckily, there are wonderful examples of providers who are doing great work online. Click the community names in the sidebar to see interesting, dynamic Facebook pages, and add your own communities in the comments below. And don’t forget to follow Long-Term Living on Facebook and Twitter.

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