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SNO winner in ‘Product Making a Difference’ contest

The votes have been counted and of the top 10 nominations from readers in our Product Making a Difference online contest, Simplified Nutrition Online (SNO) is the winner! GE Healthcare’s QuietCare System came in second, and Fall Fighter Sensor Pad Monitors from Crest Healthcare Supply rounded out the top three.

First Place: Simplified Nutrition Online (Simplified Software Development)

Simplified Nutrition Online is a “true, Web-based system” for dietary development. It includes three modules: Diet Office-a comprehensive meal-specific tray card and weight tracking solution; Simple Menus-everything contained within the Diet Office plus a feature-rich, menu-building system complete with a six-week menu cycle, recipes, order guides, and production tallies; and Menu Integration-a fully integrated product that combines the menus and recipes with the patient tray ticket and exact quantity recipe scaling.

According to Lou Tutko, “As CEO of Simplified Software Development and a certified dietary manager for many years, our focus has and will always be on meeting the day-to-day needs of our customers. Our entire team, from our registered dietitians to our IT staff, has always focused our efforts on the food services director. We strive to make their jobs a little less stressful. As we continually improve SNO, we do not expect the customer to adapt to the changes in SNO, but rather SNO must adapt to their changing needs in a manner that makes their jobs easier and improves patient care.”

Second Place: QuietCare System (GE Healthcare)

The QuietCare® system is an advanced motion sensor technology that sends alerts when certain out-of-the-ordinary events occur. The system provides you with information that facilitates the delivery of personalized care to help improve caregivers’ response times and identify problems before they become emergencies.

Third Place: Fall Fighter Sensor Pad Monitors (Crest Healthcare Supply)

Fall Fighter is a sensor pad that automatically resets when a patient returns to the pad or is quickly silenced with the reset button. The Bed Monitor includes a nurse call interface jack, optional AC adapter input, and remote-only volume option to silence alarm in room.


SARA (Status Solutions)

The Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA) is an enabling technology that can improve the safety of senior housing communities. SARA is an automated alerting system that, through a simple-to-use text-to-voice engine, can send voice and text alerts to in-building pagers, e-mail, and telephones, as well as to cell phones, home phones, and external e-mail.

PolyMem (Ferris Mfg.Corp.)

PolyMem®, known worldwide as “The Pink Dressing,” provides a warm, moist healing environment that promotes formation of granulation tissue and reepithelialization. PolyMem dressings protect the wound as they facilitate the body’s natural healing process.

6N Care Chart (6N Systems, Inc.)

6N Care Chart was designed with input from long-term care clinicians at all levels to be comprehensive, flexible, and focused on giving staff better access to information-to help improve the quality process. Its goal is to help open up communication for the entire care team to facilitate a complete, continuous, and fully interdisciplinary resident medical record.

Health Care Tracker (Positive Resource)

The Health Care Tracker is a secure yet portable method to house valuable healthcare information. The Health Care Tracker is sold as a flash drive or in hard copy. Both versions come with a set of healthcare forms for the adult and a set for the child. All of the forms were developed by a health information management professional.

SureQuest’s Three Squares (SureQuest Systems, Inc.)

SureQuest’s Three Squares® is a nutrition and foodservice management system that provides client diet, recipe, snack and menu management, nutritional analysis, production summaries, diet spreadsheets, and person-specific tray menus.

Comfort Bath Cleansing System (Sage Products, Inc.)

Comfort Bath® ultra-soft washcloths are stronger and thicker than standard incontinence wipes or baby wipes. They gently cleanse skin with an effective rinse-free cleansing solution and then moisturize with aloe and vitamin E.

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