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Stylish Uniforms

Peaches Uniforms has introduced the Katherine Heigl Collection to its line of medical uniforms and scrubs. Heigl, star of Grey’s Anatomy, created the line for women to show personality and style in their healthcare attire. Four design groups are available: London, Connecticut, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Peaches scrubs and uniforms are made of high-quality, soil-release fabrics that ensure long-lasting wear, comfort, and durability.

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Touchless Bath Tissue Dispenser

Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced the battery-powered JRT Electronic Coreless bath tissue dispenser. The system automatically delivers a premeasured amount of toilet paper when users place their hands under the dispenser. The system uses SCOTT® coreless bathroom tissue (no hole or cardboard center in the middle of the roll). Tissue can also be obtained manually. The JRT Electronic Coreless enhances restroom hygiene, reduces consumption, and is ADA compliant.

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Pill Crushing System

The Silent Knight® tablet crushing system from Links Medical Products, Inc., offers nursing homes a secure method for crushing medications by combining a patented mechanical crusher with a crush-resistant medication pouch manufactured to meet pharmaceutical standards for containment. This system helps to maintain safety and reduce the potential for cross-contamination.

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Facility Signage

Thematics™ creates directional signs, room numbers, and directories in standard and custom designs that incorporate theme and color. Diverse material types are used to accomplish project goals.

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Redesigned Software Web Site

LINTECH’s Web site,, has been redesigned to provide comprehensive information about the company’s software suites. The site describes LINTECH’s services and discusses the technology used in its products. News, trade show information, and other relevant topics are also featured.

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Contracture/Wound Boot

AliMed’s MultiBoot™ X-Cel™ with genuine wool fleece liner and T-Foam™ Calf Cushion is a contracture and wound care boot suitable for fragile skin. The MultiBoot X-Cel has smooth edges on all surfaces that contact skin, reducing the risk of skin tears when residents cross their legs. Weight bearing is safer because the bottom of the boot is flat with or without its outsole. For additional safety, the rubber outsole attaches securely in its flat horseshoe clamp, and the toe protector locks in place.


Recycled Carpet

The ReEntropy™ collection represents the next step in the evolution of the InterfaceFLOR™ Entropy® line. The nondirectional modular flooring is based on the concept of biomimicry, the studying of nature to solve modern problems. ReEntropy is a broadloom carpet made from postconsumer, recycled nylon 6,6 fiber. Vinyl backing from reclaimed carpet is recycled into ReEntropy’s backing via Cool Blue™ technology. The collection offers mergeable dye lots that allow for single-tile replacements.


Hip and Tailbone Protector

Secure® hip protectors from Personal Safety Corporation are made of 94% cotton and 6% spandex material. The design has sewn-in hip pads and a removable tailbone pad. The latex-free garment can be used as a hip protector or a combination hip and tailbone protector. The high-impact memory foam pads contour to the resident’s body shape to provide a comfortable fit. All three pads are encased in waterproof covers to eliminate foam breakdown. The garment, available in black or white, can be worn as underwear or outside clothing and is covered by a six-month warranty.


Carpet Steamer

Rug Doctor 2.6G Quick Dry carpet-cleaning machine from RugDoctor Pro has two modes: quick dry for maintenance-level cleaning and deep clean for thorough removal of dirt and grime. Easy to lift and maneuver, the product comes with a universal hand tool for cleaning upholstery, mattresses, and hard-to-reach places.


Emergency Call and Security Monitoring

The Senior Sentry, from Convergent Integrated Systems Corporation (CISCOR), is an emergency and security system that monitors a variety of functions, from door alarms and passive resident check-ins to equipment statuses, and can be integrated with other security functions. The Senior Sentry incorporates all front desk tasks, such as answering an intercom call or opening a parking gate, into two-way radios. Staff are simultaneously informed of events and alarms through the handheld radios and by a computer display and voice synthesizer. The system can be hardwired, wireless, or a combination thereof.


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