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Neurorehabilitation Machine

The Sit-to-Stand, from NeuroGym Technologies, Inc., provides a safe and effective way to improve standing and transfer skills. Actively assisting the standing motion with support at the knees, trunk, and arms, the Sit-to-Stand helps users strengthen weight-bearing muscles and increase standing stability and endurance. Its counterweight system can be adjusted to reduce the amount of assistance provided as the user’s strength and endurance improve.

Weak residents can practice the initial standing motion from their bed or wheelchair and gradually regain the necessary strength and coordination to complete the standing motion. Once the user is standing, a variety of strength and joint mobility exercises can be completed. The Sit-to-Stand has locking wheels and fits through any standard doorway.

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Mattress Replacement Systems

TriLine Medical has introduced its new ProCair One™ and ProCair Two™ non-powered, dynamic pressure-relieving mattress replacement systems with OPERA™ (Optimum Pressure Equalization Reaction Assembly) technology. The OPERA system requires no adjustments or manual inflation devices and features a three-zone (head, seat, and foot) inner air core that automatically adjusts to meet the needs of each user based on body profile and weight.

The ProCair One features a high-resiliency topper; fluid-proof, low-shear upper surface; and a firm surround. The ProCair Two includes the same features with the capability to convert into an alternating pressure mattress system by adding the ProCair ES™ control unit. The system incorporates an internal hosing and valve system that enables simple conversion from active alternating pressure relief to passive pressure profiling.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing

To help protect residents and staff by reducing the risks associated with drug and alcohol abusers in the workplace—including injuries, theft, absenteeism, and abuse/neglect—Micro Distributing has designed an on-site employee drug testing program that puts people to work fast and is affordable, accurate, and legally defensible for long-term care providers. Services include FDA-approved rapid drug testing products, a SAMHSA-certified laboratory, a certified medical review officer, cutting-edge information technology, training, and 24/7 customer support.

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Health Preparedness Kits

Nexcare from 3M offers the Nexcare Health Preparedness Kit and Go-Pak, preassembled kits containing products to help limit the spread of germs. The kits’ Nexcare Instant Hand Sanitizer and Nexcare Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes kill 99.99% of germs without using soap or water, and Nexcare Earloop Masks limit the wearer’s spread of germs from coughing or sneezing. Individually wrapped and disposable Nexcare Single-use Thermometers measure body temperature, and Nexcare Vinyl Gloves reduce transmission of germs from surfaces. The kits also include a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention infection control fact sheet.

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Handwashing Audio Reminder

The Hand Hygiene Voice Module from Kimberly-Clark Professional reduces the spread of germs by reminding everyone who visits the restroom about the importance of handwashing. The system provides a simple, nonintrusive message: “Handwashing reduces the spread of germs. Thank you for washing your hands.” The message repeats every two minutes and works without identifying staff who don’t wash their hands. Delivered by a pleasant male or female voice (depending on the restroom), the module is available in English and Spanish. Volume adjustment is available to match the sound levels to the size of the restroom, and the system automatically shuts off when the lights are off.

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Portable Shower

The Melanie Plus Mobile Shower System from David B. Storm & Associates bathes bariatric residents. The Melanie Plus, which can be installed in a stationary position or transported for bedside bathing, can accommodate residents weighing up to 600 lbs. A sliding seat makes entry and exit easy. Incontinence during bathing is cleaned up with a gravity-feed and battery-powered pump that drains wastewater into a toilet or into an optional rolling reservoir.

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Nurse Call Communications Platform

GE Security’s Telligence™ platform for nurse call stations employs Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology, LED reliability, easy programmability, and configurable devices. VoIP and digital voice processing provide clear audio, and HearingAid™ automatic audio levels and echo cancellation deliver intercom legibility. NiteLite™ front panel safety lighting permits ease of operation even in dimly lit rooms. The ColorTouch™ call answering station provides at-a-glance summaries, and mobile messaging keeps staff within reach regardless of location.

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Behavior Monitoring System

QuietCare®, from Living Independently Group, Inc., combines with emergency medical alert systems to provide 24/7 monitoring and alerts. The patented technology provides freedom and independence to seniors living at home and supports independent and assisted living facilities by improving the quality and efficiency of care. The system tracks vital behaviors and alerts caregivers to significant changes before they become an emergency. QuietCare works in conjunction with Personal Emergency Response Systems and automatically alerts for some emergencies.

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Yearlong Scheduler and Planner

The 365-Day Attendance-Monitor™ from Magnatag® Visible Systems lets employees and supervisors alike see the entire year’s daily schedule in one glance, making priority scheduling simpler. By using colored magnets, sick days and any notable absenteeism patterns can be quickly noticed. The board can be used for graphically planning, scheduling, displaying and updating training, travel, time off, special assignments, or any employee time–oriented activity throughout the year. The Attendance-Monitor comes in three sizes to track 19, 42, or 86 employees.

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Mobile Passive Lift

ARJO’s Maxi Move is a mobile passive lifter that is simple to operate. All powered functions, including Powered DPS (Dynamic Positioning System), are controlled via the handset, enabling routines to be carried out without manual lifting. A dual-control option offers a mast control panel, as well as the handset. The new open-style DPS spreader bar range offers greater comfort for residents.

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