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Multitasking Chair

The HARMONY Care Recliner, from Optima Products, Inc., performs as a comfort chair, position-change chair, and transport chair. A one-piece chaise cushion eliminates gaps between the seat and ottoman for improved safety and easier cleaning. Two diagonally positioned total-lock swivel casters secure the chair for safe transfers, while a directional caster provides controlled transport. The HARMONY has high-resiliency removable cushions, adjustable seat height and depth, adjustable recline angle, easy transport and maneuverability, and a variety of accessories. It is available in contract-grade leatherette, Crypton fabrics, or the customer’s own material.

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Electronic Ordering System

Daverci Solutions, Inc., has expanded its TOCCARÉ suite to enable a unified, seamless communications infrastructure between the facility and the pharmacy. By eliminating faxes and the need for paper MARs and delivery manifests, Daverci offers the pharmacy a paperless environment. Orders can be submitted by a facility straight into the pharmacy’s billing system. The pharmacy can edit an order and have those edits reflected in the facility’s eMARs, and the pharmacy can use the system to produce electronic delivery manifests with electronic confirmation of receipt.

User-friendly input devices include touch-screen monitors and handheld computers with bar-code scanners and fingerprint sensors. The TOCCARÉ electronic ordering system works with any pharmacy that uses the Frameworks or QS1 billing system.

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High-Speed Extractors

Built with all 304-grade stainless-steel top, front, and sides, Maytag® Commercial Soft-Mount, High-Speed Extractors are available in 25-, 35-, 50-, 80-, 100-, and 125-lb. capacities.

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Mold-and Mildew-Resistant Paint

EnviroCare Moldex PAINT! is a mold- and mildew-resistant paint for architectural finish applications. The bright-white finish uses AgION silver antimicrobial technology and is warranted against mold and mildew growth on its surface for 10 years from application with a single coat. The water-based, acrylic finish Moldex PAINT! is tintable and comes in both eggshell and semigloss finishes.

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Sharps Disposal Containers

Manufactured from durable, autoclavable polypropylene, Sharps Containers from EPS®, Inc., are designed for the safe disposal of needles and blood products. The puncture-resistant containers are available in three styles designed for phlebotomy trays and carts, in-room use systems, and general transportable needs. Sharps Containers provide easy disposal without allowing access to the containers’ contents.

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Chemical-Free Cleaning

WypAll® Microfiber Cloths from Kimberly-Clark Professional trap soil and quickly absorb liquid for an environmentally friendly, streak-free clean on surfaces such as glass, mirrors, bathroom fixtures, stainless steel, and brass. The cloths absorb eight times their weight in liquid and can be used wet, dry, or damp. To help reduce cross-contamination, the cloths are part of a color-coded system: yellow cloths can be used for general purpose cleaning; blue cloths are recommended for cleaning bathrooms/fixtures; and green cloths are designed for cleaning glass and mirrors. WypAll Microfiber Cloths come in packages of six, measure 15.75″ × 15.75″, and can be laundered up to 300 times.

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Safety Belt Alarm

The nonrestraint Secure Seatbelt Alarm System from Personal Safety Corporation comeswith a 31″–54″ adjustable safety belt, 85-decibel alarm, alarm holder, and batteries. It has a one-year warranty.

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IV Solution Cart

Metro’s Starsys® Secure IV Cart creates an inventory replacement system of prestocked totes. Full extension drawers allow solution bags to be stored standing up or lying down and permits complete access to the product. A Joint Commission–compliant lockable clear door provides for visual inventory while holding contents secure, and solid enclosure panels protect contents from splashes or other potential contamination. The Starsys Secure IV Cart is constructed of durable, corrosion-proof polymer panels that are easy to clean and won’t chip, rust, or dent. It is 58″ tall and has 8″ casters.

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Therapeutic Stimulator

Twiddle™Muff from BeauLily provides both warmth and movement to support increased hand flexibility and brain stimulation. It is made from a cozy fabric and has a soft squeezable ball in the center of the muff; three exchangeable “twiddle” gadgets (a satin bag containing movable marbles, a strand of textured ribbons, and a loop of colorful wooden beads); a colorful, multisize button patch; and a satiny pocket for personal essentials.

TwiddleMuff provides therapeutic benefits for conditions such as arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. It can help to comfort residents with diminished hand mobility, with limited social interaction ability, or who are soothed by repetitive tactile stimulation.

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Fire Extinguisher Stand

Vista System International’s fire extinguisher stand features a 40 mm diameter aluminum post that comes in two lengths—800 mm and 1,800 mm—depending on the extinguisher location, and custom lengths are available. The frame accommodates a noticeable graphic for information such as the equipment’s expiration date. The Vista fire extinguisher stand includes a heavy base made from solid 5 mm powder-coated sheet metal and is designed to accommodate standard-size fire extinguishers. No installation is required.

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