Product Showcase

Maxi Sky600

The Maxi Sky600, the most technologically advanced ceiling lift on the market, is an easy-to-operate system that allows a single caregiver to perform transfers by using a hand control without stress or strain and with no manual lifting. Lifting capacity: 600 lbs/272 kg.


(800) 323-1245

SilvaKollagen® Gel

SilvaKollagen Gel®, “Smart Silver”™, is a natu-ral, safe, and effective medical hydrolystate of collagen with silver. SilvaKollagen provides an environment that encourages wound healing while protecting the wound bed and its newly formed granulation tissue. SilvaKollagen reduces pain, soothes, deodorizes, conforms to any wound site, and reduces scarring.

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DermaRite Industries LLC

(973) 569-9000


The 6N EMR™ was designed with the input of LTC clinicians, and includes the most beneficial tools like a full assessment library, integration with care plans and the MDS, workflow for efficiency, orders, eMAR/eTAR, ePrescriptions and reporting based on quality indicators—so you can better track and improve care delivery.

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6N Systems, Inc.

(518) 583-6400

PowerCube Business Intelligence Solutions from MDI Achieve

PowerCube is a robust data warehouse program designed to allow users to “slice-and-dice” data that is already being collected and use this information to manage their eldercare businesses more effectively. Unlike preloaded dashboard products, PowerCube allows users to generate customized, personalized reports from other modules in MDI Achieve’s broad product suite.

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MDI Achieve

(866) 469-3766

Völkner Turning System

James Consolidated, Inc., manufactures patented low air loss mattresses and overlays for the treatment and prevention of pressure sores. Rated ‘Superior’ in effectiveness nation- and worldwide in Acute, Long Term and Home Care settings. The company offers quality support surfaces made in the USA, cost effective, durable, lightweight, and portable.

James Consolidated, Inc.

(925) 691-5117; toll free (800) 884-3317

e-Learning for Senior Care

Care2Learn creates a customized online e-Learning portal that demonstrates your vision for education. Your online “university” comes complete with your company name and logo, and the largest CE and in-service library in senior care. Recruit, retain, and maintain compliance—online. All for one low monthly fee. Call today!


(866) 248-0734

Detex EasyKit for Automatic Operated Doors

Detex introduces AODx21ERx1S-1. This EasyKit integrates the Advantex latch retraction exit device (21xER) with low energy, automatic operator (AO19-1) with prewired, built-in latch retraction power supply (81-800) for use with your new or existing access control system. Includes two wireless ADA activation buttons, power transfer, and code-compliant signage.

Detex Corporation

(800) 729-3839

Foodservice Consultant

JEM Associates, established in 1991, is a foodservice design consulting firm dedicated to the successful conceptualization and implementation of food facility projects. Our staff has significant experience in serving corporate and private clients in projects such as healthcare and senior living, mass production facilities, schools, casinos, and destination resorts.

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JEM Associates

(609) 645-2222

Fox Learning Systems—Real Life, Real Learning

Fox Learning Systems, Inc. is a focused, dedicated, and compassionate company committed to changing the culture of elder care through e-learning that uses documentary-style video to connect with both caregivers and consumers. Our real-life, real-learning courses reflect the realities of working in long-term care communities.

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Fox Learning Systems, Inc.

(412) 531-1889

Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Assure® Pro is a full-featured system designed specifically for LTC that offers qcProGuard®, a 24-hour reminder to conduct daily control solution testing. Other features include a strip release button, backlight display, top-of-the-meter strip port, hypo warning, and ProGrip®.

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(800) 818-8877 option 5

Bariatric Wheelchair Scale

The Summit® SB-1000 scale, from Rice Lake Weighing Systems, accommodates bariatric wheelchairs with its large platform size and easy-access ramp. To maximize safety, the scale and ramp are equipped with a nonskid rubber surface and guide rails. The SB-1000 provides exceptional performance where typical wheelchair scales are not large enough to meet the needs of patients.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

(800) 472-6703

Solstice Privacy Curtains

Treated with BioAM antimicrobial technology, Solstice protects against microbes and reduces odors and stains they cause. The finish contains no arsenic or heavy metals and is effective after multiple washings. Also treated with earth-friendly, recyclable Nano-Tex, the fabrics are extremely stain resistant, yet maintain their natural hand.

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Mayer Fabrics

(800) 428-4415

Risk Management Event Reporter

RME Reporter® is a comprehensive Web-based risk management tool for reporting, tracking, analyzing, and managing incidents, complaints and record requests involving residents, employees, and visitors in one facility and across multiple facilities. Events are easily tracked, cross-referenced, linked, and analyzed to identify trends and create proactive risk management programs.

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PointRight Inc. (formerly LTCQ)

(781) 457-5900

Solaro Dimmer Cloth

Solaro FR is a beautiful fabric that provides superb qualities. It can be dyed any color or printed with any design. It blocks 99.6% of light, offering the option of darkening the room any time of day for a restful environment.

Please call for samples and more information.

Integra Fabrics

(843) 756-4700

RoamAlert System

The RoamAlert system provides the most comprehensive protection for residents, with wander prevention, emergency call, and resident locating. Combining ease of use with flexible installation, the RoamAlert system has you covered from one door to hundreds. And now you can add the Securaband tag, the industry’s toughest tag to prevent unauthorized removal.

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(866) 559-6275

Maximum Strength Odor Eliminating Spray

Hospital formula Sani-Zone™ Maximum Strength Odor Eliminating Spray stands up to offensive odors with just a spray or two. Lasts for hours. The mild, clean fragrance targets odors particularly associated with decaying organic matter, urine, feces, and garbage. Also great for cars, cat boxes, or anywhere there are unpleasant odors. The 2-oz bottles slip into pockets, purses, or glove boxes for easy and discrete use. Sani-Zone also comes in economical 8-oz spray bottles.

Anacapa Technologies, Inc.

(800) 489-2591

The Vigil Integrated Care Management System™

The Vigil Integrated Care Management System™ includes hardwired and wireless call solutions, perimeter monitoring, and our award-winning noninvasive dementia monitoring system. The System seamlessly and economically integrates with existing systems and provides a highly functional and cost-effective solution that addresses the needs of the resident, the staff, and the facility.

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Vigil Health Solutions

(250) 383-6900

Custom-Made Draperies From Factory Direct Drapes

Since 1954, Factory Direct Drapes™ has specialized in providing the senior housing industry high-quality, American-made draperies, curtains, and valances well known for their long-lasting durability. Factory Direct Drapes delivers prices, quality, and variety that is unmatched. Our fire-retardant fabrics meet all state and federal requirements.

Factory Direct Drapes

(866) 713-7273

Wheelchair/Equipment Washer

Multipurpose equipment washer sanitizes up to 20 wheelchairs in one hour! One-button operation, portable, 110-volt power, standard garden hose connections. Free 30-day trial, free delivery, free chemicals! Factory-direct purchase, lease/purchase, rent. Medco Equipment is now sanitizing over 1.3 million wheelchairs monthly.

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Medco Equipment, Inc.

(800) 717-3626

Senior Living Specialists

AG Architecture continues a more than 38-year commitment to innovative senior living design. Whether the task at hand involves new construction, an addition, or a complete repositioning of an existing community, our goal is very straightforward—to improve the quality of life for our ever-growing senior population.

AG Architecture, Inc.

(414) 431-3131

Cost Management/Owner Representation

Construction Cost Systems and Owner Services Group (CCS/OS) have 30+ years of construction industry experience and have been involved in over 500 healthcare projects nationwide. CCS specializes in the preparation of construction cost estimates and OS represents Owner’s interests throughout the project planning, design, construction, and closeout process.

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Construction Cost Systems/Owner Services Group

(800) 443-8607

Securaband™ Tag for RoamAlert

Every long-term care facility has experienced a resident determined to remove a wander prevention tag. The Securaband™ is the only anti-removal tag on the market, providing a robust physical barrier to unauthorized removal. Best of all, it doesn’t require expensive additional infrastructure, making it cost effective for facilities of all sizes.

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(866) 559-6275

Golvo—the World’s Most Flexible Floor Lift

At Liko, we design and build our products for the safety and comfort of patients and the protection of caregiver staff. From compact, lightweight mobile floor lifts to high-capacity ceiling-mounted systems, Liko quality is second to none. Visit our Web site for information on our highly advanced OnLine Learning services.

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Liko North America

(888) 545-6671

Attendant™ Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The new Attendant™ Fingertip Pulse Oximeter features six display options to meet your needs. Its compact, lightweight design makes on-the-go spot checking easy. Shuts off after 8 seconds to preserve battery. Provides accurate SpO2 and pulse rate readings, and includes 3-year warranty. Call us or visit our Web site for details.

Direct Supply

(800) 634-7328

Frisbie Architects—Senior Housing Design

We bring your senior housing growth plans to life! We are dedicated to creating environments where today’s (and tomorrow’s) seniors will thrive. We’ve worked on over 50 senior housing projects, including assisted living and memory care facilities, apartments, townhomes, campus master plans, community buildings, site analysis, and prototype design.

Frisbie Architects, Inc.

(715) 426-4908, ext. 105 or (612) 770-5784

LINTECH’s Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard

LINTECH’s COMET Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard allows the users to monitor, analyze, and manage performance at the business area level, the facility level, and the enterprise level. It gauges the organization’s performance in all clinical and business areas through quantification of processes and outcomes (using key performance indicators—KPI).

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(877) 4-LINTEC

Executive Recruiters Dedicated to Senior Housing

A national Executive Recruiting firm dedicated exclusively to Senior Housing clients. The nation’s only search firm with Residential Care Facility for the Elderly certified recruiters. We have industry knowledge, an established network of senior housing executives, and a proven track record and reputation that demands that we always deliver.

LM Hurley & Associates

(858) 277-8282

Integrated Financial and Clinical Software—Focus

Compudata Health Corporation’s Focus™ software offers tightly integrated financial and clinical modules designed for single and multifacility long-term care environments. Compudata offers the perfect combination of leading-edge technology and old-fashioned personal service. On-site training is provided and a dedicated customer service representative is available to meet ongoing needs.

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Compudata Health Corporation

(800) 326-9385, ext. 102

Timecard Headaches?

Timecard Monitor® offers a solution that eliminates timecard headaches and lets you attend to your business and patients. Our innovative biometric fingerprint technology integrates with QuickBooks® and other major accounting software. It prevents time-theft, saves you money, helps grow profits, and is easy to use. Prices start at only $299.

Count Me In, LLC

(888) 4-TIMECLOCK (888) 484-6325

MedCenter 31-Day Pill Organizer and Talking Alarm

The MedCenter System organizes your medications into color-coded pill boxes, each with four daily compartments. The Talking Alarm Clock alerts you up to four times a day with a repeating reminder. Organize your pills a month at a time and give yourself or a loved one peace of mind.

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MedCenter Systems, LLC

(866) 600-3244

High-Definition Television

LG Electronics enhances the in-room patient experience with a 26 class LCD HDTV model, 26LG3DCH. Designed specifically for healthcare facilities, this UL-listed television combines sleek style with advanced technologies such as dynamic power savings, Pro:Idiom, pillow speaker port, and built-in ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM tuner.

LG Electronics USA, Inc.

(877) 793-6484

Metro Active Aisle Storage System

When adding space isn’t an option, the answer is to make your existing space more efficient. Metro’s Top Track high-density active aisle system combines moveable aisles and stationary end units to utilize all available space. Storage capacity of a given area can increase by as much as 50%.

InterMetro Industries

(800) 433-2232

NEW! Code Alert® Integrated Care Management

RF Technologies introduces Code Alert® Integrated Care Management (ICM), a single platform hosting a wide range of integrated safety and security solutions for Senior Living, including nurse call, locationing, life safety devices, data capture and reporting, and more. See Code Alert ICM and our voice-to-voice communications solution at AAHSA.

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RF Technologies

(800) 669-9946

What’s Under Your Carpet?

The side of the carpet that can’t be seen is critical in the long-term care environment. Polyurethane carpet backing technology provides a functional liquid barrier—a must where spills and odors are major concerns. To learn more, visit our Web site.

The Dow Chemical Company

(800) 847-4212


VANCARE introduces the VAN-GO, a lightweight, high-strength aluminum full body lift, with optional gait-training ambulation side arm attachments, 2-point sling attachment, and the Vancare floating 4-point sling attachment. Give your bottom line a lift with a truly safe investment—quality products from VANCARE.

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(800) 694-4525

Wascomat—Your Laundry Experts!

When laundry infection control is critical, Wascomat is your #1 choice for safety and risk management. We’ll show you how to ensure optimum protection against the spread of MRSA, while streamlining your laundry process. Wascomat manufactures precision-engineered commercial washers, dryers, and barrier washers for hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities.

Wascomat Laundry Equipment

(800) 645-2204


Thematics™ products are developed for the healthcare industry. ShadowFrames (memory boxes), GateFrames for easy to change out art, chartholders, magazine racks, directories, room numbers, and hand sanitizer housing units are among the products available.

Thematics distinctive accessories and custom capabilities offer end users a comprehensive resource.


(208) 344-3737

Cascade Premier Spa

Penner Patient Care, Inc., is a leading provider of bathing systems to healthcare facilities. Changing the culture of bathing areas by designing your new Spa room with the revolutionary Cascade Premier. Choose your color, design, and style. Features include 26 LCD TV, DVD, CD, and Stereo-Sound.

Penner Patient Care, Inc.

(800) 732-0717

Hospice Care Like No Other

In 1995, we set out to help more people access hospice and experience a better way. As a result, we developed one-of-a-kind programs like The Ultimate Gift© and Watch Program©—programs that help patients, families, and healthcare professionals take comfort. At Crossroads, we’re 100% dedicated to offering more.

Crossroads Hospice

(888) 603-MORE

Aerotech Bus

Since 1979, ElDorado National has been the leading commercial cutaway bus manufacturer in the industry, building lasting relationships (and buses!) with customers.

Our experienced dealer network is the largest, longest established commercial bus distribution organization in the industry.

Our buses are a great investment, delivering the highest documented resale value in the industry.

Visit us at AAHSA Booth #1865

ElDorado National

(800) 850-1287 or (785) 827-1033

Geritrex—Affordable, Quality Healthcare Products

Geritrex has been supplying long-term care facilities with cost-effective skincare, personal care, and OTC pharmaceutical products. We make it our priority to develop and manufacture products that meet or exceed the quality and effectiveness of many of today’s brand-name healthcare goods.

Special Savings Offer for Direct Purchasers: Buy four or more cases of any Geritrex product and receive a 10% discount. Mention coupon code 1011008*

This limited time promotion expires on December 31, 2008, and this coupon cannot be combined with other offers.

when placing your order.


(800) 736-3473

Comfortable Senior Living Seating

Chairs from Winco, Inc., meet the comfort, durability, and value needs of all aspects of senior living. Heat and Massage features are available as an option for added comfort. Eight standard color choices.

Visit us at Healthcare Design.08 Booth #1201

Winco, Inc.

(800) 237-3377

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