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Invacare TheraPure tubs are powered by SANIJET® pipeless technology, allowing the caregiver to remove up to 99.9% of infectious bacteria in about five minutes. TheraPure tubs meet NSF International’s hospital-grade standards.

Pipeless jets create less noise than piped or air bubble tubs. Bath oils can be added without concern for residue buildup. TheraPure tubs feature auto-fill/auto shut-off and intuitive controls including an integrated lever to control water pressure directly from the shower wand.

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Bladder Measurement Instrument

Available from Direct Supply, Verathon BladderScan BVI 9400 measures ultrasonic reflections on multiple planes inside the body. It features a high-resolution, full-color screen for easy reading and to facilitate resident education. The instrument includes an onboard printer for immediate documentation and the ability to voice-annotate exams to ensure that valuable data is retained. The BladderScan BVI 9400 is easy to use and includes an onboard tutorial. It also features HIPAA-compliant ScanPoint® technology.

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Fall Prevention

AHI of Indiana’s Upright Fall Prevention System is a comprehensive approach to predict and prevent the occurrence of a predictable fall that includes the licensed use of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model

© (H2Model); interactive, CE-approved, computer-based educational programming; comprehensive resource materials; and consultative support by Upright’s professional staff to maximize efforts and help organizations reduce or eliminate predictable falls.

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SKECHERS Shape-Ups XW Slip Resistant-Encompass work shoes feature a lower profile kinetic wedge for increased stability and all-day comfort. The super-soft foam midsole is designed to absorb shock and provide muscle-exercising benefits. With a leather upper and dual elastic side panels for a convenient slip-on fit, this work shoe provides casual comfort and style.

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Spa System

Penner Manufacturing designed the Cascade Premier spa system to create a homelike environment in the bathing area. The unit’s features include a 26″ or 32″ LCD TV, DVD, and a CD player. All of the spa controls are built into and hidden in the cabinetry, which also features a built-in reservoir for quick-fill capability. Color choices are available to match the desired needs of the facility or interior designer.

Other spas available include the Penner Cascade Side-Entry or End-Entry, the Penner Pacific Spa, and the Penner Cascade Alcove.

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