Product Focus

Data Warehousing

PowerCube, from MDI Achieve, is a robust data warehousing program designed to allow users to “slice and dice” data to manage their eldercare business more effectively. PowerCube generates customized, personalized reports from other modules in MDI Achieve’s product suite. Simply select the fields of data you want to see in the pivot table. Once selections have been made, you can create charts and graphs or export to Excel for further manipulation. Your selections can be saved to make consistent reporting and true benchmarking possible.

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Spa System

The Penner Cascade Premier Spa provides affordable elegance with a TV, DVD, and CD player. You design the colors to create a spa-like bathing atmosphere in your bathing area. The Premier cabinet provides convenient access to hidden controls, bathing liquids, and the quick-fill reservoir.

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Visual Repositioning Cue

Time2Turn, from Intensive Therapeutics, is a translucent clock face overlay that turns your clock into a visual cue reminder for patient turning. Each color-coded two-hour section indicates when the next turn should occur and whether the turn should be to the “back,” “right,” or “left” position. The clock overlay is made of transparent static cling film that sticks to the clock face with no adhesive, so removal is as easy as application.

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Bladder Volume Measurement

The BladderScan®, available from Direct Supply, provides accurate, noninvasive bladder volume measurements to help create retraining plans and toileting schedules for residents. It also reduces the need for catheterizations, and helps you comply with F-tag 315.

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Billing Software

UB Watch, a Web-based program from eHealth Data Solutions, detects and reveals unintended billing patterns that can lead to suspended claims, CMS audits, government demand for repayments, False Claim Act issues, under-/overbilling, and other factors that may result in lower revenue.

A system of logic flags designed specifically for Universal Bills (UB) claims, the program methodically reviews each UB prior to submission to the financial intermediary. It alerts providers to any inconsistencies or compliance issues which may delay payment or decrease revenues. With UB Watch and CareWatch®, you can coordinate clinical MDS and financial UB records, track patterns and trends, and can be confident that services and reimbursement are in balance. A proven train the trainer program, online learning, and on-site training are available.

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Protective Underwear

The TENA® Protective Underwear product family now includes two exciting new products: TENA Men and TENA Women anatomically designed underwear. These innovative solutions feature targeted absorbency that ensures protection where it’s needed most-meeting individualized care needs with security, comfort, and discretion.

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Aging-in-Place Online Service

MyCommunityConnection, from American HealthTech, is a breakthrough online service for independent senior communities to help their residents age safely in place even longer. This two-way interactive communications network uses age-appropriate design to engage seniors right where they live. The service is delivered to residents on their televisions with simple remote control operation.

MyCommmunityConnection’s suite of seven integrated services enhances resident quality of life and provides peace of mind for families. The community enjoys increased referrals because residents are more engaged in the services and activities offered. The service also frees staff by cutting time-consuming manual tasks to a minimum. MyCommunityConnection also trends resident information to enhance personalized service and care.

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