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Bariatric Wheelchair Cushion

The Tempur Med® Bariatric Wheelchair Cushion provides comfort, support, and pressure management for the bariatric resident. The TEMPUR® material in the cushion provides optimal pressure management of residents susceptible to pressure ulcers at the sacrum and allows for proper positioning maintenance. The cushion comes with a removable cover made of 100% polyurethane multistretch fabric that reduces sweating and shearing. The entire cushion is latex-free and antimicrobial.

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Washer-Extractor Control

The new UniLinc control from UniMac, with 30 water level options, offers the benefits of saving thousands of gallons of water and realizing energy savings just by making the smallest adjustment to water levels and hot water.

When UniLinc’s 41 programmable cycles are combined with the UW’s super-high 300 G-force extraction cycle, which reduces drying times and utility consumption, washer-extractors can provide maximum water and utility efficiency.

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Voice Alarms

Attendant® voice alarms from Direct Supply are easy to use, and offer greater noise control and tamper resistance for safety and customization.

Attendant voice alarms provide a recordable voice option that gently assures the resident that help is on the way. They eliminate audible alarm noise by sending alerts directly to the nurse’s station, and can be set with a 0 to 2 second delay to reduce false alarms. The optional self-timing pads help maintain F-tag compliance by tracking usage and notifying caregivers when pad life is about to expire.

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Chemical Injection System

Designed to make chemical installation faster, simpler, and more precise, the new Maytag® Commercial Laundry Chemical Injection System features easy-access connections on the outside of the machine, eliminating the need to open the washer on routine visits. The new system also provides clear visibility on how detergent, bleach, softener, and other chemicals are being dispersed. The Chemical Injection System is available for all sizes of Maytag rigid-mount, front-load washer-extractors and soft-mount high-speed extractors.

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Extractor/Automatic Scrubber

Advance’s new Adphibian™ walk-behind carpet extractor/automatic scrubber enables cleaning staff to use only one machine to pre-spray and extract carpet, as well as to scrub hard floors.

Features such as Advance’s LIFT™ low-moisture cleaning technology and AXP™ onboard detergent-dispensing system make the Adphibian suitable for green-cleaning programs. The multisurface machine operates at a quiet sound level of 66 dBA while scrubbing and 69 dBA for extracting, making the Adphibian suitable for day-time cleaning.

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Laundry Care

Spartan’s Clothesline Fresh Laundry line consists of 12 formulas tested to offer the most advanced laundry technology available. Clothesline Fresh Products specifically target the toughest soils and stains, tackle the most soiled fabrics, leaving them clean, bright, and with a fresh fragrance. Clothesline Fresh Laundry Care products will not contribute to premature fabric wear. Clothesline Fresh Laundry products contain new surfactant technology and biodegradable water softeners.

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Protein Supplement

DecubAmine® protein supplement from QCE, Inc., encourages wound healing by combining whey protein with L-arginine, L-glutamine, and essential fatty acids to enable complete cell development.

When blended with Decubi-Vite® three-in-one, a therapeutic multivitamin with extra vitamin C and zinc sulfate, elements for good nutritional healing are combined to promote skin integrity and combat further complications or infections.

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Slip-Resistant Floor Mat

MightyMat Max™ is a slip-resistant floor mat from Shoes for Crews. It is ergonomically designed with an antifatigue cushion to relieve stress in the knees, shins, and back providing all day comfort while protecting employees from slip and fall accidents. MightyMat Max measures 3′ x 4′ with 9.3mm thickness and features the patented slip-resistant rubber base and grid pattern found only in Shoes for Crews footwear. Tapered edges and drainage slots allow for easy handling and cleaning.

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Air-Powered Elevating Lift

The CAMEL by Mangar USA is a battery-operated air-powered cushion designed to sit up and lift off the floor someone who has fallen. Operating with low air pressure, the CAMEL offers a stable and stress-free lift that can be performed with or without caregiver assistance. With a maximum user weight of 700 lb., the CAMEL can lift someone of any size or age. It is particularly useful for lifting bariatric residents, minimizing the manual handling risk to staff and reducing workers’ compensation claims. The CAMEL is stored in a compact carry bag, making it portable and suitable for outdoor use.

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Laundry Cart

Available from HD Supply Facilities Maintenance, this 2½-bushel capacity laundry cart has an air-cushioned bumper to minimize damage to walls in the laundry room and hallways. The double pole rack attachment allows staff to conveniently hang clothes and the clean wheel system minimizes material buildup to help keep the wheels rotating freely. The total unit height with pole attachment is 65″. Other cart sizes and styles are also available.

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Mobile Lift

The Maxi Twin mobile lift from ARJO has twin masts which improve stability and weight distribution but also give the machine an attractive, modern open design. Each mast effectively acts as a handle, so any point along the twin masts and jib can be used to maneuver the lifter, ensuring that whatever a caregiver’s height, the optimum working posture is always achievable. All powered functions, including Powered DPS (Dynamic Positioning System), are controlled via the handset, enabling routines to be carried out without manual lifting. Maxi Twin supports one-caregiver operation in daily transfers and emergency lifts from the floor. An integrated scale option enables residents to be weighed during transfers.

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Milnor has introduced a new line of cabinet-style washer-extractors with 20- and 40-lb. capacities. These machines are part of Milnor’s new MWR line and they offer durable construction and an easy-to-use control.

Both models have extremely rugged structures and single-motor inverter drive systems. They are user-friendly and feature the E-P OneTouch control with four preprogrammed formulas. The 40-lb. cabinet machines are also available with E-P Express or E-P Plus controllers. These units deliver three speeds (wash, distribution, and extract), while many other cabinet models only provide two speeds. These cabinet machines use water and fuel efficiently to minimize expenses. They also fit through standard 36″ door frames for easy installations.

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