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Passenger Vans

Commercial passenger and ADA-compliant, wheelchair-lift-equipped vans and buses are Mobility Transportation Services’ only business. Because they are specialists, they can customize a van to a client’s specifications and deliver in less than 30 days-in fact, many times in less than 10 days-at the lowest price. Financing with $0 down at special interest rates is available.

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Protective Underwear

The TENA® Protective Underwear product family now includes two exciting new products: TENA Men and TENA Women anatomically designed underwear. These innovative solutions feature targeted absorbency that ensures protection where it’s needed most-meeting individualized care needs with security, comfort, and discretion.

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Surface Sanitation

Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Kimtech Prep Wipers for bleach, disinfectants, and sanitizers are used for surface sanitation. Insert a roll of dry Kimtech Prep Wipers into the WetTask bucket and add your cleaning/disinfecting chemicals. There is no need to qualify new chemicals. The wipers are compatible with bleach and quaternary amines, maintaining the concentration of actives released to the surface. The WetTask System reduces the need for mixing new solution batches because the system is stable for an extended time.

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Wet Mopping System

Using Direct Supply’s Microfiber Cleaning System to mop floors can kill up to 60% more bacteria than traditional mopping. The system’s “one pad per room” design means that you’ll never clean your facility with dirty mop water. The system-composed of an ergonomic handle, a quick-connect mop head, and detachable, washable microfiber pads-uses 95% less chemicals and reduces cross-contamination better than traditional mopping.

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Blood Pressure Cuff

Life Systems’ personal blood pressure cuff is designed for the safety of residents and caregivers in skilled nursing facilities. The Nurse Rosie Personal Cuff reduces the risk of spreading MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections by eliminating shared blood pressure cuffs.

With up to 1,000 readings per cuff, the latex-free Nurse Rosie Personal Cuff can be used for several years on a resident and never risk passing infection to another resident.

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Automatic Floor Scrubber

The Advenger® auto-scrubber with EcoFlex System from Advance lets operators match the scrubbing strength to the soil content on hard floors. With one-touch control and the flexibility to use any detergent or to clean with water only, the machine can be easily adjusted to meet healthcare facility standards for both green cleaning and clean floors.

Low-flow scrubbing mode reduces water and detergent use. The option to clean with water only completely eliminates the cost and environmental impact of detergent use, and the Advenger with EcoFlex System uses 70% less water than traditional auto-scrubbers.

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