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Wound Dressing

SilvaKollagen® Gel, “Smart Silver”™, available from DermaRite, is a natural, safe, and effective medical hydrolystate of collagen with silver. SilvaKollagen provides an environment that encourages wound healing while protecting the wound bed and its newly formed granulation tissue. It forms an occlusive gelatinous barrier while inhibiting the growth of microbes that are absorbed into the wound gel. SilvaKollagen reduces pain, soothes and deodorizes, conforms to any wound site, controls the evaporation of fluid, yet is naturally highly absorbent, accelerates tissue remodeling, and reduces scarring.

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Wet Mopping System

Using Direct Supply’s Microfiber Cleaning System to mop floors can kill up to 60% more bacteria than traditional mopping. The system’s “one pad per room” design means that you’ll never clean your facility with dirty mop water. The system—composed of an ergonomic handle, a quick-connect mop head, and detachable, washable microfiber pads—uses 95% less chemicals and reduces cross-contamination better than traditional mopping.

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Claims Management Software

Growing complexities in routine Medicare/Medicaid filing, coupled with an increase in managed care plans, has made claims filing challenging. There are even multiple plans from the same insurer, each with its own unique plan outlier rules. Avoid mistakes than can cost your facility thousands of dollars. The Claims Management enhancement from American HealthTech provides automated assistance to help collect reimbursement quickly—and it tracks those exceptions that could delay payments or miss the payment altogether. This enhancement is fully integrated with American HealthTech’s billing software.

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Healthcare Flooring

The Provence Collection, by Tandus, is designed for healthcare markets. Available in five broadloom styles from Crossley and four styles in Powerbond® from C&A, Provence is a mix of traditional, transitional, and contemporary styling. The combination of organic and botanical patterns with designer-selected colorways enhance healing and living environments. Powerbond products are backed by a 25-year non-prorated warranty and feature moisture-barrier backings, acoustic] and thermal insulation, reduced slip/fall injuries, and easy maintenance. Powerbond floorcoverings are no-slip and no-glare to prevent injuries.

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Safety Footwear

Shoes For Crews® offers feminine athletic-style footwear designed specifically for the contour of a woman’s foot, along with rugged durability and soothing comfort. The Athena has full-grain leather and water-resistant SFC III™ Slip-Resistant Outsoles. Features include a Featherlight Technology with a compressed foam midsole for added support and flexibility, and EnduraMax insoles that allow air to circulate throughout the shoe.

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Business Management

Lintech’s COMET Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard allows users to monitor, analyze, and manage performance at three levels: business area, facility, and enterprise. This tool is a key to implementing behavioral changes, attaining leadership, and effectively sharing the organization’s vision. Users can track Key Performance Indicators and Quality Indicators facility-wide; manage profitability, productivity, and quality; create personal dashboard; and customize charts and graphs.

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Staff Education

Fox Learning Systems, Inc.’s, Real-Life, Real-Learning™ approach increases knowledge retention, engages learners to complete programs, and empowers them with the knowledge to provide better care to the elderly by doing their job correctly at all times. Real-Life, Real-Learning’s outcomes are clinically proven. The curriculum, available in both English and Spanish, was developed in partnership with continuing care facilities, with content developed by nurses and administrators and backed by nationally renowned industry and risk management experts.

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Rehab Services Software

Answers On Demand’s ELITE Rehab Services is integrated with the suite of ELITE modules: Admission, Billing, Employees, MDSv2, Care Plans, and Physician Orders. Rehab Services provides tools to manage the rehab staff and client; to schedule, document, record time, monitor tasks and treatment sessions; and report productivity. During a Medicare A stay, there are tools to analyze treatment sessions given and scheduled for optimum ARD dates and RUGs targets. Electronic evaluations, treatment documentation, weekly notes, supervisor visits with user-defined formed sets and integrated to scheduling and billing, providing a single point of entry for the entire rehab cycle.

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Milnor’s 30022V6J 60-lb. washer-extractor is part of the V-Series of industrial washers ranging in capacity from 40 to 60 lbs. With 30 programmable wash formulas, this model can handle a variety of linens and soil types—including 10 specifically designed formulas for the healthcare industry. Milnor’s V-Series’ solid frame and proven design will serve your laundry for years to come.

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Data Warehousing

PowerCube, from MDI Achieve, is a robust data warehousing program designed to allow user to “slice and dice” data to manage their eldercare business more effectively. PowerCube generates customized, personalized reports from other modules in MDI Achieve’s product suite. Simply select the fields of data you want to see in the pivot table. Once selections have been made, you can create charts and graphs or export to Excel for further manipulation. Your selections can be saved to make consistent reporting and true benchmarking possible.

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Document Storage and Retrieval

Enformix’s Electronic Document Manager (e-Doc) creates a 24/7 storage and retrieval environment for all documents—new, existing, and even third-party information such as labs, pharmacy, or hospital paperwork. Along with the ability to produce client-specific admission packets, users can share information across the facility.

Designed with touch-screen kiosk and quick-scan unit, the system is built to accept, auto-index, and queue appropriate staff upon the receipt of external documents. Enformix’s e-Doc eliminates paper faxes that put a facility at risk for HIPAA violations.

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Voice-Assisted Care

Vocollect’s AccuNurse voice-assisted care equips caregivers with ultra-lightweight headsets that enable them to hear plans of care on demand, deliver care accurately, document care as it takes place, and communicate with other staff for a quicker response to resident needs. AccuNurse voice-assisted care results in better cash flow from maximized reimbursement, lower operating costs, and a better resident experience because of proactive care.

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Washer-Extractor Control

The new UniLinc control from UniMac, with 30 water level options, offers the benefits of saving thousands of gallons of water and realizing energy savings just by making the smallest adjustment to water levels and hot water.

When UniLinc’s 41 programmable cycles are combined with the UW’s super-high 300 G-force extraction cycle, which reduces drying times and utility consumption, washer-extractors can provide maximum water and utility efficiency.

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Risk Management System

RiskWatch®, from e-Health Data Solutions, is an easy-to-use risk management system and data analysis tool. A secure user-friendly Internet application, RiskWatch allows you to record occurrences, develop a knowledge repository, and analyze data in real time. Occurrences can be updated and monitored via built-in investigation and follow-up processes. Other benefits include improved quality of care, survey preparation, decreased liability/reinforced insurance application, patterns and trends tracking, and evidence-based decision making.

RiskWatch subscribers can take advantage of a new Web interface and the FigWeb Claims Management System that will improve the efficiency and accuracy of claims submissions.

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