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As the largest producer of mid-sized commercial buses in North America, ElDorado National also offers an extensive line of ramp-accessible minivans. The Amerivan is available on the Chrysler and Dodge minivans as a high-quality product specifically designed for personal and commercial applications.

Spacious, durable, and comfortable, the Amerivan delivers safety and ease of operation. The Amerivan has a full stainless steel floor and it is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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Wound Care Silver Dressing

McKesson offers a wide range of wound care products, including ConvaTec’s AQUACEL® Ag Dressing for the management of infected wounds and wounds at risk of infection. With the benefits of Hydrofiber® technology and ionic silver, it’s for use with moderately to highly exuding chronic and acute wounds. AQUACEL creates a moist environment, provides excellent absorption and retention as well as broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, and it can be left in place for up to seven days.

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Medical Assist Bar

The NOA Medical Assist Bar was designed to provide a sturdy support for residents to grasp while getting in and out of bed, and for assistance in sitting up and repositioning. The NOA Assist Bar meets all FDA requirements regarding entrapment. It mounts directly to flat steel bed frames for stability and rigidity. The Assist Bar is available in right side, left side, and universal models.

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High-Definition Televisions

LG Electronics has developed high-definition televisions that address the needs of long-term care (LTC) providers. Available in 26″ and 32″ class sizes, the new LH210C LCD TV series brings a new level of entertainment. Its Bed1/Bed2 function eliminates problematic remote control interference, while the Variable Audio Out allows for external speaker volume control. The remote control has been simplified to enhance ease and functionality. In addition to being Energy Star® 3.0 compliant, the LH210C Series features EcoSmart technology that reduces power consumption resulting in energy savings and lower energy costs.

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Passenger Vans

Commercial passenger and ADA-compliant, wheelchair-lift-equipped vans and buses are Mobility Transportation Services’ only business. Because they are specialists, they can customize a van to a client’s specifications and deliver in less than 30 days-in fact, many times in less than 10 days-at the lowest price. Financing with $0 down at special interest rates is available.

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Laundry Water Saver

Pellerin Milnor’s V-Series washer-extractors with 40- to 160-lb capacities now feature the new RinSave water saver software that eliminates excessive rinse and intermediate extract steps. This process allows a precise high G-force to “sling” the wash liquor (water chemistry and soil) out of the good between the last wash step and following rinse cycle. Milnor’s V-Series washer-extractors with RinSave software conserve water use and will save money every time they run.

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Flooring System

Forbo Flotex has the features of textile flooring, including comfort underfoot and sound insulation, while providing durability and low-cost maintenance. Hardwearing and stain-resistant, Flotex is suitable for heavy foot and wheel traffic. It is completely waterproof and features Bioguard antimicrobial treatment built into its fiber and backing to prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria.

Flotex is available in a broad selection of sheet and tile patterns and colorways and can be waterjet cut for unlimited style and versatility. Flotex sheet is available in 6′ 6″-wide rolls and Flotex tiles are approximately 20″ x 20″.

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Laundry Products

Spartan Chemical

Company has introduced two new Clothesline laundry products. Clothesline Fresh Liquid Alkali is a concentrated laundry builder that prepares fabric for the washing process by raising the pH of the wash water and allowing individual fibers to open up and release trapped soil particles. Highly alkaline, the product contains biodegradable softening agents. It has anti-redeposition polymers to help suspend oil and greasy soils in the wash water.

Clothesline Fresh Xtreme Laundry Sour is designed to neutralize the pH of the finished wash so it will not irritate skin. The product helps to remove iron stains from previously stained linens.

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Adjustable Tables

Space Tables has added a unique style to its popular 603/606 adjustable base. The base is now available in a “wood-grain” metal finish that combines durability with the look of wood. It is available in five colors: Ash, Cherry, Oak, Walnut, and Mahogany. This finish is also available on the 613-48 economical adjustable base.

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The Vehicle Production Group’s MV-1 is a vehicle that makes the comfort and well-being of your residents its top priority. With generous interior space and a large entryway, the MV-1 allows wheelchair users to ride facing forward, making for a safer and more dignified experience. And since the MV-1 is built from the ground up to accommodate all passengers, it is less expensive and more durable than a retrofitted van without compromising safety or comfort.

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