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Employee Scheduling Software

With version 10 of Atlas Business Solutions’ Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro), users can schedule personnel more easily and efficiently than ever. They can now rotate schedules and apply schedule patterns in seconds for weeks, months, or even years in advance. They can see more coverage totals to ensure shifts, departments, locations, or positions are properly staffed. Printing and e-mailing monthly calendars, shift schedules, daily rosters, and any other type of schedule or report is now even more flexible, and the process of posting schedules as PDFs and Web pages can be done in one simple step.

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Zinc Bandage

Graham-Field’s Medicopaste® Bandage is a zinc-impregnated, latex-free, premium gauze bandage used to help in the healing of venous stasis ulcers. It can reduce and control edema, and improves blood flow by providing support for subcutaneous tissues. Available with or without Calamine. Available by the dozen in 3″ or 4″ width x 10′.

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Time and Attendance Reporting

Count Me In is a computerized time clock that combines the power of Fingerprint ID with easy use, providing the perfect Time and Attendance solution. Punch in using a fingerprint; the computer-generated time cards can be edited in Count Me In’s spreadsheet-style editor. The BioCheckpoint feature offers the availability of streamlining job switching. Customize business rules. Regain control of employees’ time. Stop wasting time adding up time cards and eliminate employee time card fraud.

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Milnor has introduced a new line of cabinet-style washer-extractors with 20- and 40-lb. capacities. These machines are part of Milnor’s new MWR line and they offer durable construction and an easy-to-use control.

Both models have extremely rugged structures and single-motor inverter drive systems. They are user-friendly and feature the E-P OneTouch control with four preprogrammed formulas. The 40-lb. cabinet machines are also available with E-P Express or E-P Plus controllers. These units deliver three speeds (wash, distribution, and extract), while many other cabinet models only provide two speeds. These cabinet machines use water and fuel efficiently to minimize expenses. They also fit through standard 36″ door frames for easy installations.

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Wound Dressing

SilvaKollagen® Gel, “Smart Silver”™, available from DermaRite, is a natural, safe, and effective medical hydrolystate of collagen with silver. SilvaKollagen provides an environment that encourages wound healing while protecting the wound bed and its newly formed granulation tissue. It forms an occlusive gelatinous barrier while inhibiting the growth of microbes that are absorbed into the wound gel. SilvaKollagen reduces pain, soothes and deodorizes, conforms to any wound site, controls the evaporation of fluid, yet is naturally highly absorbent, accelerates tissue remodeling, and reduces scarring.

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Bleach Wipes

Alcavis International, Inc., provides a time-saving, convenient method for surface decontamination and disinfection. Bleach-Wipes provide a consistent and accurate concentration of bleach in a prediluted single or double prepackaged 8″ x 10″ towelette. The 1:100 dilution provides general surface cleaning without causing premature degradation of expensive equipment. This product meets CDC recommendations and OSHA requirements for surface disinfection at 500 ppm.

Alcavis 1:10 dilution Bleach Wipe is an EPA-registered, tuberculocidal, virucidal, bacteriacidal product for larger blood spills and high-risk situations, such as MRSA, C. diff, and VRE terminal cleaning.

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Online Learning Reporting Tool

Upstairs Solutions LTC has released an enhanced reporting tool for its online learning management system. With the updates, users can set up automatic training reports to be received by e-mail, enabling them to monitor status without logging in, a proactively maintain a high level of compliance. A greater variety of real-time information is now accessible through a more user-friendly interface.

The new system features interactive help, quick and advanced reporting templates, flexible filtering and multiple output formats. Upstairs Solutions has a library of multimedia in-services designed specifically for long-term care.

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Wet Mopping System

Using Direct Supply’s Microfiber Cleaning System to mop floors can kill up to 60% more bacteria than traditional mopping. The system’s “one pad per room” design means that you’ll never clean your facility with dirty mop water. The system—composed of an ergonomic handle, a quick-connect mop head, and detachable, washable microfiber pads—uses 95% less chemicals and reduces cross-contamination better than traditional mopping.

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Skin and Wound Gel

Elta® SilverGel™, a clear anti-microbial skin and wound gel from Swiss American, releases silver as demanded by the bioburden of the wound. Tested to kill for at least 3 days, Elta’s SilverGel is completely clear, allowing clinical observation of the wound bed.

Over the counter, Elta SilverGel is used on minor burns, superficial cuts, lacerations, abrasions, and minor irritants of the skin. Under the supervision of a healthcare professional, it is indicated for pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, first- and second-degree burns, skin tears, grafted wounds, donor sites, and surgical wounds where infection exists or threatens.

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Wheelchair Washer

Medco Equipment’s all-purpose automatic wheelchair washer cleans and sanitizes up to 20 wheelchairs in an hour, with a 99.9% reduction of bacteria after one wash. The all-purpose washer also sanitizes commode chairs, shower chairs, walkers, carts, and more.

No special plumbing or electrical hookup is needed. With a simple one-button operation, detergent and rinse agents are automatically dispensed, with more than 300 washes per gallon each. The washer is built with heavy-duty stainless steel and has four permanent swivel/locking casters for easy transport. Features include an OSHA-approved safety front door handle, emergency stop button, auto-off door switch, and solid-state electronic controller, and it is UL listed.

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