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Adjustable Height Shampoo Bowl

The Adjust-a-Sink® by Accessible Systems is an adjustable height shampoo bowl designed for salons in senior care facilities. The bowl can be adjusted a full 12″ using a hydraulic foot pedal and the bowl works with most wheelchairs or a standard salon chair. Because the resident can remain in her chair during hair care, the Adjust-a-Sink provides a safe, comfortable, and dry salon experience for both the resident and the stylist. It comes in a variety of colors, is UPC listed, and has been installed in more than 1,700 senior care facilities.

Wheelchair Washer

Medco Equipment’s all-purpose automatic wheelchair washer cleans and sanitizes up to 20 wheelchairs in an hour, with a 99.9% reduction of bacteria after one wash. The all-purpose washer also sanitizes commode chairs, shower chairs, walkers, carts, and more.

No special plumbing or electrical hookup is needed. With a simple one-button operation, detergent and rinse agents are automatically dispensed, with more than 300 washes per gallon each. The washer is built with heavy-duty stainless steel and has four permanent swivel/locking casters for easy transport. Features include an OSHA-approved safety front door handle, emergency stop button, auto-off door switch, and solid-state electronic controller, and it is UL listed.

Spa System

The Penner Cascade Premier Spa provides affordable elegance with a TV, DVD, and CD player. You design the colors to create a spa-like bathing atmosphere in your bathing area. The Premier cabinet provides convenient access to hidden controls, bathing liquids, and the quick-fill reservoir.

Passenger Vans

Commercial passenger and ADA-compliant, wheelchair-lift-equipped vans and buses are Mobility Transportation Services’ only business. Because they are specialists, they can customize a van to a client’s specifications and deliver in less than 30 days—in fact, many times in less than 10 days—at the lowest price. Financing with $0 down at special interest rates is available.


Pellerin Milnor’s V series washer-extractors have 40 lb to 160 lb capacities and feature the new RinSave water saver that eliminates the need for excessive rinse and intermediate extract steps. High G-forces “sling” the wash liquor out before the rinse cycle without letting chemicals settle in the goods. RinSave maintains wash quality, saves time, and reduces water consumption in every load. These industrial washer-extractors will save money every time you run them.

Laundry Care

Spartan’s Clothesline Fresh Laundry program now includes eight additional products formulated and tested to offer advanced laundry technology. The line specifically targets the most soiled fabrics leaving them clean, bright, and with a fresh fragrance. These products do not contribute to premature fabric wear.

Clothesline Fresh Laundry products are environmentally preferable products that perform well in most types of water conditions. These products contain new surfactant technology and biodegradable water softeners not found in other formulations.

Unit Dose Packaging System

Designed with long-term care needs in mind, Medi-Dose®, Inc., has introduced its new “32” manual unit dose packaging system that maintains the same rigorous tamper-evidence, UV inhabitance, and moisture resistance as its hospital-based “25”. It also incorporates the specific requirements of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, consultant pharmacies, and pharmacy care providers. It also accommodates any medication pass system.

Medi-Dose requires no heat seal equipment, in-service training, or large capital expense. The blisters hold virtually any medication and are designed to fit into most transport systems. The MILT 3.0 software provides complete medication identification. Formatting options were expanded to design labels any way you want, including auxiliary label warnings, bar codes, special fonts, graphics, tall man lettering, shapes and logos, and packaging logs.

Surface Sanitation

Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Kimtech Prep Wipers for bleach, disinfectants, and sanitizers are used for surface sanitation. Insert a roll of dry Kimtech Prep Wipers into the WetTask bucket and add your cleaning/disinfecting chemicals. There is no need to qualify new chemicals. The wipers are compatible with bleach and quaternary amines, maintaining the concentration of actives released to the surface. The WetTask System reduces the need for mixing new solution batches because the system is stable for an extended time.

Resident Bus

The Aerolite bus from ElDorado National can be easily configured to not require a commercial driver’s license. It features dual rear wheels for road stability. The steel-reinforced composite body is highly resistant to impact, rust, and corrosion. The gelcoat exterior keeps its glossy finish for the life of the vehicle. Fiberglass body panels allow minimal sound transmission, which provides a quieter interior for passenger comfort.

Pressure-Management Mattress

With features that address wound prevention through stage IV pressure ulcers, Direct Supply’s Panacea® foam and Panacea Pulse powered mattresses provide supportive pressure management, help advance clinical care, and increase confidence in long-term care facilities while helping them to comply with F-tag 314. With superior pressure redistribution and tested compliance for entrapment guidelines, Panacea mattresses combine quality and affordability.

Backed by reliable warranties, Panacea foam mattresses feature the Integrity30 fire barrier to comply with the new federal fire regulation 16 CFR 1633, plus CA #129 and TB 603.

All-Foam Furniture

The Carefoam two-piece model (shown) is a key component of a restraint-free fall-reduction program. The “all-foam” construction eliminates hard edges, reducing the potential for skin trauma. The furniture is designed to comfortably accommodate in a variety of seating positions, providing head, neck, and lumbar support.

Manufactured from five different densities of foam, including “memory foam” in the seat, the chair provides overall support and pressure reduction. Unique features accommodate both weight-bearing residents and the use of a mechanical lift.

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