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Cleaning/Sanitation Products

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., manufactures a full line of quaternary and phenolic-based formulations designed specifically to provide clean, sanitary conditions in resident rooms and all restrooms. Quat-based products provide excellent bactericidal and virucidal activity, along with superior deodorization and cleaning ability. Phenolic disinfectants provide bactericidal, fungicidal, and tuberculocidal properties.

A complete line of floor cleaners, strippers, sealers, and finishes are available. Spartan’s Rx Total Healthcare Sanitation Training Program expedites your cleaning and sanitizing effectiveness.

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Time Clock

PeopleNet’s Optima Clock provides a comprehensive time capture solution with a 100% verifiable process. This product eliminates buddy punching by taking the employee’s picture when the fingerprint can’t be validated. All punches are stored on the clock until transmitted to the PeopleNet Data Center. The clock communicates to the Center at 30-second intervals, providing accurate and current punch information. Punch details can be viewed and managed with the PeopleNet’s Time Management Solution that allows immediate access to time cards, head count, and hours/dollar reporting via secure Internet access.

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Wound Care with Negative Pressure

The ATMOS S 041 Wound is a new device for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy. The pump is designed to reduce treatment costs, improve patient outcomes, and it is affordable even for a small budget. Taking advantage of a nonproprietary hydrophobic canister, the company has also minimized disposal costs. The processor-controlled pump software has integrated safety alarms that notify the patient and caregiver of leaks and potentially dangerous situations. ATMOS offers a two-year warranty for its German engineered and manufactured product.

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Protective Underwear

The TENA® Protective Underwear product family now includes two exciting new products: TENA Men and TENA Women anatomically designed underwear. These innovative solutions feature targeted absorbency that ensures protection where it’s needed most-meeting individualized care needs with security, comfort, and discretion.

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Wet Mopping System

Using Direct Supply’s Microfiber Cleaning System to mop floors can kill up to 60% more bacteria than traditional mopping. The system’s “one pad per room” design means that you’ll never clean your facility with dirty mop water. The system-composed of an ergonomic handle, a quick-connect mop head, and detachable, washable microfiber pads-uses 95% less chemicals and reduces cross-contamination better than traditional mopping.

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Wheelchair Washer

Medco Equipment’s all-purpose automatic wheelchair washer cleans and sanitizes up to 20 wheelchairs in an hour, with a 99.9% reduction of bacteria after one wash. The all-purpose washer also sanitizes commode chairs, shower chairs, walkers, carts, and more.

No special plumbing or electrical hookup is needed. With a simple one-button operation, detergent and rinse agents are automatically dispensed, with more than 300 washes per gallon each. The washer is built with heavy-duty stainless steel and has four permanent swivel/locking casters for easy transport. Features include an OSHA-approved safety front door handle, emergency stop button, auto-off door switch, and solid-state electronic controller, and it is UL listed.

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