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Vital Signs Monitoring

Life Systems’ Rosie® II Vital Signs Monitoring System captures Sp02, E-Temp, blood pressure, and pulse rate in 45 seconds. Smart Inflation™ increases patient comfort by monitoring blood pressure during inflation and stopping when necessary. It customizes itself to each individual’s requirements. The patented NIBP with Dynamic Linear Cuff Deflation technology deflates smoothly, is controlled by the pulse rate, and measures pressure at every pulse all the way down.

Patient records are transferred to a PC or clinical software through an RS-232 cable port. Secured to a locking wheel base, the Rosie II provides mobility and ease of use with a 6-hour battery life. The system is available with an optional bar code scanner.

Nurse-Call Cord

Dwyer Precision Products, Inc., has designed Headcall, a new pneumatic (air-activated) nonelectric nurse call cord for the safe and easy use of elderly residents. With a large, soft elliptical touch surface, assistance is just a touch away. Dwyer products are approved for use in oxygen-enriched atmosphere and can be used in any care environment.

Fast, Effective Equipment Washer

Medco Equipment, Inc.’s multipurpose portable equipment washer provides dramatic bacteria reduction. Independent lab documents 99.9% reduction of bacteria after one wash! Washes and sanitizes two wheelchairs in five minutes. It also cleans commode chairs, shower chairs, walkers, carts, window screens, etc. 1,300 customers worldwide are now sanitizing more than 1.5 million wheelchairs yearly! Free 30-day trial and delivery. Rent, lease-purchase, or purchase. It’s a portable dishwasher for wheelchairs, etc. All stainless steel. C/UL listed, 5-year wall-to-wall warranty. Seven-day delivery. For more information, call (800) 717-3626 or visit

Disinfecting Bleach Wipes

Alcavis HDC Bleach-Wipes provide a time-saving, convenient method for surface decontamination and disinfection. The wipes contain a consistent and accurate concentration of bleach in a prediluted single or double prepackaged 8″ x 10″ towelette. The 1:100 dilution provides general surface cleaning without causing premature degradation of equipment. This product meets CDC recommendations and OSHA requirements for surface disinfection at 500ppm.

Voice Alarms

Attendant voice alarms from Direct Supply are easy to use and now offer greater noise control and tamper resistance. These reliable alarms are now priced even lower than last year. Attendant voice alarms provide a recordable voice option that gently assures residents that help is on the way. Audible alarm noise is eliminated by sending alerts directly to the nurses’ station, and can be set with a 0- to 2-second delay. Optional self-timing pads help maintain F-tag compliance by tracking usage and notifying caregivers when pad life is about to expire.


The Invacare Lynx scooter allows users to accomplish daily activities with ease. Designed with a four-piece assembly/disassembly, it can be easily taken apart when needed. The scooter’s compact size and seamless functionality allow it to easily transition from tight turns within the facility to wide-open spaces outdoors. The Lynx scooter also offers a travel range of approximately seven miles, making long trips worry-free.

Spa System

The Penner Cascade Premier Spa provides affordable elegance with a TV, DVD, and CD player. You design the colors to create a spa-like bathing atmosphere in your bathing area. The Premier cabinet provides convenient access to hidden controls, bathing liquids, and the quick-fill reservoir.

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